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Goals for 2013

A New Year = new goals, right? 😉 I’ve successfully maintained a 31lb weight loss over the last couple of years (with some ups and downs). We’ve transitioned to a Paleo/Grain Free diet. We spend a small fortune on food … Continue reading

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Celiac and Weight…

It’s the common assumption that those with Celiac lose weight (due to malabsorption or chronic diarrhea issues).  Our family has had very different presentations of Celiac. Tiny stature/failure to thrive occurred with PolkaDotMommy (until puberty… to the point of being … Continue reading

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Bad Mood and Positive Movement

The good first… I had my post surgery office visit yesterday. I’m down 6 lbs in one week on my 1400 calorie/ 48 grams of fat a day diet combined with Alli. (Yes, there have been some treatment effects because … Continue reading

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I’ve succumbed to a DIET. I don’t diet… however, since May I have packed on about 20 pounds and that’s not making me happy. (I’m blaming the weight gain on the two surgeries I’ve had + numerous medications I’ve been … Continue reading

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