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Our Budget Bedroom Remodel

Our little girls room was UGLY.  We’ve been in the house almost two years now and I intended to redecorate the kids bedrooms much sooner than this.  However, our first bedroom makeover cost $1200 and it just wasn’t in the … Continue reading

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My Evolving Nutrition Education

When my first daughter was diagnosed with Celiac and multiple food sensitivities, I immediately began educating myself in nutrition.  My focus was on keeping the offending foods out of her body.  Unfortunately, all I was told was to avoid gluten … Continue reading

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Our Weekend in Photos

Gluten Free/ Vegan BuckWheat Waffle topped with Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt, Maple infused whip cream, & strawberries at Vanilla Jill’s for Brunch on Saturday with the family.  Yum-O.  No this is not Paleo and the carbs did me in. . … Continue reading

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Jesus Under Our Tree & GF Donuts!

We have a special guest residing among the gifts under the tree… the greatest gift of all!  JESUS! Christmas Eve Baby Jesus will go MIA (hiding somewhere in our house).  When the children wake up on Christmas morning they will … Continue reading

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Cupcakes for Breakfast?

Saturday night, we ventured out to a Christmas Light Parade.  Like any small town parade, our children gathered lots of CANDY.  Y’all know, I don’t let my littles consume much of the sweet stuff around here.  Really, I think they … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts After a Month Away…

Spring is my favorite time of year… the sun shines (at least once every couple of weeks here in Oregon), the grass is green and lush, the flowers are blooming, my children are growing like weeds… The pollen count is … Continue reading

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Celiac and Weight…

It’s the common assumption that those with Celiac lose weight (due to malabsorption or chronic diarrhea issues).  Our family has had very different presentations of Celiac. Tiny stature/failure to thrive occurred with PolkaDotMommy (until puberty… to the point of being … Continue reading

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