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Where have I been?  Sheesh. I’ve been posting some over at GroksBigFamily.  If you want to see what we are eating these days and our weekly menu plan, take a peek at An Overdue Paleo Food Post.  For a pregnancy … Continue reading

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Primal Dinner Winner on a Budget

Last night’s dinner (otherwise known as, “eek, it’s 4:20pm and I have nothing defrosted!” Keepers of all things Paleo- don’t bash me, it was this or gluten free pizza). 1 pkg (2.5lbs) boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders*  $5.99 1 pkg … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Goodies and Good Bye Sweet Chicken

We are still more than slightly intrigued when new gluten free products pop up at the grocery.  I don’t tend to notice many of these items now as I’m a grokery shopper (otherwise known as perimeter skirter).  But, every now … Continue reading

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Bare Bones Budget Nourishing Menu

My little sister (other wise known as Teengirl, aka my pseudo-daughter) recently married.  She is 19 y’all. ‘Nuff said. Anyway,  she desperately needs a gluten free diet (and realistically, a grain free diet).  She has that nasty autoimmune disease TTP … Continue reading

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Follow Up Endoscopy

Last week I had the great fortune of undergoing a colonoscopy.  My younger brother recently had a malignant polyp in his colon and there’s something about family history, yada yada. Anyway, my GI asked if they should do a repeat … Continue reading

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My Evolving Nutrition Education

When my first daughter was diagnosed with Celiac and multiple food sensitivities, I immediately began educating myself in nutrition.  My focus was on keeping the offending foods out of her body.  Unfortunately, all I was told was to avoid gluten … Continue reading

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The Best Grain Free Waffles- EVER!

My new waffle iron. . . I’m in love.  A waffle iron is something I’ve always wanted to purchase but never have.  I’ve owned a cheapy here and there over the years that we ended up with somehow.  But, I’ve … Continue reading

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