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Recycle Your Food

I stumbled upon this link today for a Tortilla Espanol. Yum. It’s naturally gluten free, however does call for half and half… which can be subbed with: Original Mocha Mix, CoffeeMate Original Creamer or MimicCreme. We don’t love onions, so … Continue reading

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A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Do you ever end Thanksgiving day feeling just plain awful? Stomach hurts, bloated, sleepiness (more so than the normal turkey love fest causes), diarrhea, headache? Any of these could indicate Celiac or a Gluten Intolerance. There has been so much … Continue reading

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First Attempt at GFCF Fried Rice

It is always a good day when I can think up something for dinner that the entire family can enjoy without modification. Last night I decided to make homemade fried rice. Everyone loved it and Oregon Dad took the leftovers … Continue reading

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Kids Favorite Dinner… GFCF Style.

Tater Tot casserole has been a longtime favorite in our household.  This is something I had to learn to modify to meet a GFCF diet.  As long as I purchase the correct tots, we are okay on the gluten free part.  … Continue reading

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