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Catholic. Wife. Mom. Grain Free.

How do I combine all of that into one blog? Therein lies the challenge.  Part of me wants an exclusively, “cool, Catholic” blog… another part wants a grain free blog… I’ve even thought of perfect titles for each.  However, I … Continue reading

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Jesus Under Our Tree & GF Donuts!

We have a special guest residing among the gifts under the tree… the greatest gift of all!  JESUS! Christmas Eve Baby Jesus will go MIA (hiding somewhere in our house).  When the children wake up on Christmas morning they will … Continue reading

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Another Celiac Diagnosis in the Polka Dot House…

This one looked so different it almost flew under the radar… Kaylee girl hasn’t been herself these last weeks (months, years?).  It’s a long story I am still sorting out, so once I have a handle it will be shared … Continue reading

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Mommy Bloggers Are Liars…

Seriously… either the blogosphere is full of a bunch of BSing Mama’s or y’all are A LOT BETTER at time management than yours truly. In case you are behind the times, I’ll catch you up a bit.  Now I am … Continue reading

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The Gift of Voice

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve shared in our journey and pain as Mama died from ALS (Lou Gehring’s or Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis).  The very first thing Mama lost was her voice.  Early in her disease; prior … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life & Why Family Matters

Today started much like any other day with a little semi-deep theological discussion and moved on to enjoy a wonderful cup of hot coffee laced with chocolate caramel creamer followed by breakfast with the kids (9 of them).  Then I … Continue reading

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Busy August Life

I’ve just about reconciled with the fact that I do have to get back online pretty soon.  Notice I say, ABOUT.  I’ll get there soon.  With the traditional school year starting, I’m going to kick off our homeschooling as well. … Continue reading

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