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13 Years. . .

My first born. . . my precious angel on earth-  Kaylee McKenna. 18 months! Altar Serving at sisters First Communion! You are growing into such an amazing young woman.  You love Jesus.  You serve God and others. You glow with … Continue reading

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I Love These Kids!

Little Kelsey Anne Kenzie Ballet Recital (California- Disneyland Dance) Kaylee Girl- Ballet Recital (Oregon- Rainbow Ballerina Dance) Kyler- Look, I lost a tooth! Some of my favorite photographs from 2008… News and photos from the trip Kaylee and I took … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

I’m so tired I could poke my eyeballs out with chopsticks. Since school started, our time has gone something like this: 6am- wake up, dress kids, comb hair, make breakfast, pack lunches, forget to eat anything myself, send hubby off … Continue reading

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And I’m Back…

I didn’t fall off the face of our lovely Planet Earth. I’ve just been CRAZY busy getting the kids ready for back to school… *Sigh* The first day is always a tear jerker for this Mama. One kiddo in First … Continue reading

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Ballet and Baseball

It’s that time of year again… the time that has every. single. evening. occupied by some activity.  We have baseball at minimum on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Now that games have started… we have those to take up our Saturdays.  Tuesdays … Continue reading

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Thou Shall Not Judge… Huh.

We were sitting in Ballet as we do every Friday afternoon.  Fridays are absolute craziness for me… the one day of the week that I wish wouldn’t arrive and can’t wait for it to get over.   I always arrive at … Continue reading

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