First Communion Prep

Image 1Little Miss Kelsey Anne will be celebrating her First Communion on May 4th.  Mama is a little bummed that we can’t have the big party I had envisioned. . . turns out, most of the family on both sides won’t be able to attend due to a wedding on one side and an 80th Birthday on the other.  So, we will be attending First Communion Mass, doing quick group photos, maybe having a bite of cake in the church hall and then driving 3 hours to the 80th Birthday celebration (which we will be at least a couple hours late for).  It’s going to be insane and I’m worried that Kelsey won’t feel the importance of this day. . . which is a once in a lifetime event and sadly, is taking a backseat to everything else.

Anyway. . . we took beautiful photographs at the church last week and I used one of them for her invitations (I will post that later).  I figure we will play up all the details we can in order to make this day special. . . so I bought fancy invites from  and had them mailed out to lots of family and friends (even those we know cannot attend).  Having a photography session in advance also provided another opportunity for Kelsey to wear her gown and veil and feel special.

Since we are Celiac and therefore, gluten free, Kelsey will receive special “low gluten” communion made by the Benedictine Sisters.

Many people in our parish use this host without problems.  My other girls have been consuming it for years without any reaction and I myself also recently made the switch.  I was consuming regular communion without ANY ISSUES whatsoever, however with the ups and downs of this pregnancy I decided to opt out of any risk and start receiving the low gluten host.  I fully believe that since the bread becomes the body of Christ, we are not at risk when consuming it. And I’ve never had an issue, maybe that’s because of my faith as the tiniest bit of contamination at a restaurant sends me into a painful whirl.

Anyway, we place the wafers into a pyx (small container) and then the pyx is placed in the ciborium at the back of the church prior to Mass.  The host is then consecrated during the Mass with all the regular hosts and the Priest distributes the low gluten host to us directly from the pyx.

As we posed Miss Kelsey for various photographs, I joked that we’d have to repeat the poses for her wedding (or her vows, if I get my nun after all!).

I will either create a gluten free cake or cupcakes to take to the church hall for the post communion celebration so that Kelsey and her sisters can partake of a sweet treat with the rest of the class.

As for the dress and accessories, we got really lucky.  There is only one store in our town that carries First Communion gowns.  We had planned to drive two hours to Portland and shop at the larger stores.  If we’d gone to Portland, I knew I could purchase a gown for around $75.  However, we ended up not going to Portland so I decided I could justify the $179 price tag of the traditional (and beautiful) gown here. . . since I wasn’t paying for round trip gas (which would have been close to $100).  As we were shopping, we stumbled on the gown she chose and because she is a petite thing it fit (size 6x!).  It was on clearance for $53, SCORE!  I still was going to cough up the $$ to buy the Us Angels gown but Kelsey really wanted this one so I put my traditional self away and let her have her say.  Even with over jacket, shoes, socks, tiara, veil, gloves, and purse, we only spent about $150.

(The picture in this post is not one of our pro-quality shots, I actually took it on my iPhone but I like it because it shows the crucifix).

In the coming weeks we will make her First Communion Banner (since our church isn’t making them and her sisters have theirs displayed in our hallway).  I’m sure we will find a few more ways to make her day special, suggestions are welcome!


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  1. How precious! I am sure the 1st Communion will be wonderful! God bless!

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