Baby Ready

Image 5I’ve decided the trouble with not learning the gender of our little one is the shopping. . . I really want to shop.  Probably because retail therapy seems to help me and I’m still struggling with depression over losing two of our babes in utero.

I’m loving this Oregon onesie. . . it was made by a local lady who is part of my local Mama’s group.  We are a bit hippy around here. . . if you can’t tell by the items pictured.

On the diaper front- I’m using Bummi’s when baby is tiny (until the Flip fits well).  I have 12 tiny organic cotton prefolds and 4 covers.  I’m thinking we can get by with that amount, but I may get another dozen of the prefolds because we can use them as doublers later.  I have 5 Flips w/ 14 inserts at this point.  I also ordered three super cute snap one size diapers on Zulily last week.  I have a feeling I’m going to develop a diaper obsession. . . Realistically 5 or 6 Flip covers are plenty with maybe 20-24 inserts for an every other day wash cycle. . . the three I bought on Zulily are pocket diapers, so those will be more for outings/travel.

On the bottle front- I don’t plan to use bottles, I will be fully breastfeeding like I did with my other children.  But, it never hurts to have one on hand in the event I need to pump.  Plus Daddy really thinks he wants to help with feedings, so I may need to try to pump at times.  I received a pointer from a local mom, she said to pump one side while baby nurses the other. . . that makes absolute sense time wise and all my kiddos only nursed one side at each feed, so it could be the perfect solution. There are always moms looking for donated milk so if I end up with a surplus I can pass it on. Anyway, so I picked up a Klean Kanteen 5 ounce bottle (otherwise known as a Kid Kanteen).  When not used as a bottle, I can change the cap out and use it as a food travel jar.

Pacifiers/Binkys- I’m hoping our baby isn’t really into a binky, but just in case I have an all natural rubber pacifier on hand.

The Snappi is a life saver with diapers and helps contain poo leaks. . . it’s a nifty device to secure the prefold before you put a cover on.

The owl hat is another local find. . . it is super soft.  I found it adorable so I coughed up a ridiculous amount of green to bring it home.  I can already see our adorable newborn in the hat. . .

We have a couple of Eric Carle books as well. . . the nursery is going to be designed around Eric Carle’s art.  I have a beautiful handmade wool Hungry Caterpillar mobile on it’s way to me, I can’t wait to see it!

Now. . . I just keep getting fatter. . . and wait another, oh. . . 25 weeks for the baby to arrive!


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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