Spring is in the Air!

It is a beautiful, sunshiny day today!  I can’t wait for Spring!

Our yard is a MESS.  I’m sure that’s the case for just about everyone. . . but living in wet Oregon means MOSS.  Ugh.  We don’t have grass, we have mud and moss.  Our plan for Spring break is to till, kill, and re-seed the lawn.  We also have other projects to work on like removing sand from the sandbox then re-filling with clean sand, and adding wood chips to the play area.

Amidst all of that. . . I’m dreaming about my garden.  I want to head over to find some untreated wood and build 5- 4x4x12in raised garden beds.  I may only have room for four, guess I better go measure the area they need to be installed. 🙂

I’m dreaming of fresh peaches and berries. . . of canning jars and jelly making. And I’m hoping I won’t be so miserably pregnant that nothing gets done.

I also want to get a compost system set up. . . I’ve decided off to the side of the house near where I’m going to do the garden beds is a good plan. . . oh, and at least one rain collection barrel.

On the baby front- next week I get to visit the MFM (perinatologist). Wahoo!  I’m “advanced maternal age” at my ripe old age of 35, so it’s standard.  I will sit through an hour “chat” with the genetics counselor (ie, all the million things that can possibly go wrong and all the tests we could do), but then I get to see the baby again, so it’s worth it! We won’t proceed with any testing regardless of what they say could be wrong.  Life is life. . . and it’s precious no matter what.

In family news- I took little Kelsey Anne shopping for her First Communion dress today. We had success and it was affordable (amazing!).  Since our plans to travel to Portland for dress shopping fizzled, I was prepared to spend $179 on a local dress (no store choices here). . . I even convinced myself that since I was saving $100 in gas, it all evened out in the end.  Well, Kelsey found a dress on clearance for $53! Even with the requisite jacket to cover her shoulders, lacy socks, gloves, tiara, and purse, we came in under $100 today.  I still have to find a veil and shoes. . . but we have about 7 weeks so that’s manageable. We got lucky with the dress because Kelsey is tiny and this dress is a size 6, if she was a typical sized 8 year old we would have had to cough up $179 for one of the Us Angels gowns.

In sad news- we lost another chicken last weekend.  We aren’t sure why. . . she got droopy sick and just couldn’t rebound.  So, now we have 13 chickens.  To remind us Spring is close, we got 12 eggs from those chickens the other day!

*Just realized all of this garden dreaming has left me so distracted I haven’t begun next weeks meal plan.  Oops.*


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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