My Big Fat Grain Free Family

By Big and Fat, I imply that there are a lot of people in my family.  I’m not making a reference to the size of any individuals contained therein.

Our cliche’ family portrait

I’ve searched the blogosphere and have yet to stumble upon a family as large as ours going the grain free route. I’ve a friend with a GAPs family, but even she recently has had to make concessions due to budget.

So, my question to all you out there. . . how do we make this work, financially speaking?  I’m feeding hubs and myself + five growing children (all of whom consume more food than Mama).

Right now, I figure we are spending about $1400 on grokeries. I just located a great source for grassfed, organic ground beef for $2.69/lb (other cuts are higher). I can’t always buy everything organic but I do whenever I can.  Since a dinner for our crew can easily contain 3lbs of meat, it’s just not in the budget to spend $7+ per pound.

I do compromise at times and make the kids a pot of (soaked) rice to enjoy with fruit on a weekend morning.  In a real rush evening (did I mention we have five children?), I’ve been known to thrown on a pot of GF pasta with some meat and veggies.

Ideally, these things wouldn’t happen (or at least not more than once a month).  I know planning is key here, I’m just not as good at it as I need to be.

We have chickens, so many of our eggs are provided that way and we enjoy eggs almost every morning for breakfast (except for McKenzie and myself currently as we are doing an elimination diet).

I’ve learned to love many varieties of squash (Delicata tonight… yum!) and sweet potatoes.  Both of which can make a good hot cereal substitute on a cold morning.  The kids aren’t as gung ho. . . McKenzie is my most adventuresome eater.  She loves sweet potatoes and will add a side of clean meat.  The other kiddos, will take a couple bites but trying to get a serving in is difficult at best.

I feel the kids really need more carbs than I do.  They are all very active.  Kaylee dances 4-5x/week, McKenzie 2x, Kelsey- gymnastics, David is wrapping up soccer and starting gymnastics,  Matt doesn’t do an active sport but is constantly in motion.  These kids need good fuel.  They eat a ton of fruit (probably too much) and I’m trying to increase veggies.  I’ve started chopping up a platter (a plate would be too small) of fresh veggies every day after school.  The plate is usually empty within an hour.

Since we’ve greatly reduced dairy consumption, I’m only buying one gallon of organic, grassfed milk each week (mostly for hubs chai fix).  I do still buy aged cheeses, although much less than previously.   We love olives for a good fat, however at $1.99 can, it adds up quick!

On another note, I have a lot of fish in my freezer- tilapia, halibut, tuna, & salmon. We don’t love fish. . . in fact, we really don’t like it.  I know we need to eat it.  (We do love shrimp and scallops but currently there are none in the freezer). Suggestions?

Is there anyone out there who has come up with a more affordable way to feed a large family?


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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