Bare Bones Budget Nourishing Menu

My little sister (other wise known as Teengirl, aka my pseudo-daughter) recently married.  She is 19 y’all. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway,  she desperately needs a gluten free diet (and realistically, a grain free diet).  She has that nasty autoimmune disease TTP and a whole host of other issues.  Her new husband is a Type 1 diabetic (among other issues).

Trouble is- they have NO money.  As in, not two nickels to rub together. . . they are eating absolute crap.  This is partially because of finances but mostly because of choice.  He likes crap food and she goes with it.

I’ve put together a bare bones menu that will allow them to fuel their bodies with nourishing foods for around $280/month (for 2 people).  If they find extra money in their budget, they can add in more produce and a few grain free treats or add more meat to their soup meals.
I’m compiling this menu plan/budget with a shopping list and directions/recipes.  I’m thinking we will need a prep day together to really teach her how to make stock and soups and soak grains.

A sample of the menu-


Breakfast- Omelets w/ chunky hot apples

Lunch- soup (from freezer) & corn muffins

Dinner- rotisserie chicken, baked sweet potato, salad, berries w/ cream

*Prep- strip chicken, separate, and freeze.  Set carcass in crockpot for stock.


Breakfast- 1/2 cup soaked brown rice w/ fruit & cream
& 1-2 eggs

Lunch- chicken (leftover) salad w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Dinner- creamy cauliflower soup w/ meat of choice, topped with grated cheese.  1 slice of GF garlic toast.

Prep- separate leftover soup into 1 dinner portion and 4 lunch portions.  Freeze.


I should get everything typed up into pretty PDF files and link them.  Perhaps I’ll get around to that.  Anyway, I’m excited with the menu we’ve come up with. Each week it provides:

6-7 lbs of meat (the beef is naturally raised and grass fed!)

28 eggs (best and lowest cost protein source)

28 lbs of produce (only partially organic, produce budget is $.99/lb)

Healthy fat from meat, eggs, butter, cream, bones, & olive oil  (she has a large container of coconut oil which I purchased for her, and will use that for baking and hopefully when she fries sweet potatoes, etc. . . ).

Limited grains- all gluten free and mostly soaked (this is for filler due to budget and because they are very much in the SAD eating habits right now).  Baby steps and all that.

It doesn’t provide-

refined sugars, gluten, processed foods, artificial ingredients

I won’t be surprised if this turns out to be too much food.  We have to plan well as their freezer space is typical to an apartment and consists only of the fridge/freezer combo.  First is to get them to commit for a full month and see what happens.  Wish me luck!



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