Opening my Eyes to GAPs

The more I read, the more I learn. . . the more I learn, the more I realize that at least a couple of our children have a significant need for the GAPs healing protocol.  *Sigh*  This is not something I’ve wanted to acknowledge.  GAPs is hard.  That said, I can no longer deny the need for it.

My 10yo (first diagnosed Celiac) has never shown full healing on a gluten free diet.  She had the worst symptoms of Celiac and likely had extensive gut damage before we took gluten out of her diet.  When we did, we switched to all the fabulous, processed, gluten free foods on the market so that she would feel “normal” while eating a restricted diet.  She still struggles with skin flushing, belly bloat, constipation, and severe mood/anger fluctuations in addition to extreme over reaction to circumstances (like a tiny spider).  I know these are not normal.  In our time we’ve spent truly grain free, I’ve seen improvement but we haven’t stuck to it 100%.

Our 10yo boy has mood disturbances, ADHD, and childhood depression.  He is on medications and in regular therapy for these issues.  He’s also very small, like third percentile small.  Instead of gaining weight in between visits to his behavioral pediatrician, he is losing weight despite growing a bit taller.  This is very concerning.  Even on medication, his mood and behavior is not stabilized to the level it needs to be.  I’d love to yank the meds and try a strict diet but I’m technically the “step” mama here and this is the path he was on before I came onto the scene.

Our 7yo daughter never received a for sure Celiac diagnosis. . . but she had many of the symptoms of Celiac and we know she’s a genetic carrier so I chose to put her on the gluten free diet instead of waiting for medical confirmation.  She’s also tiny, but is growing. . . she’s just small.  She has “regulatory” or sensory processing disorder and regularly has screaming fits over nothing.   She also complains about belly aches and not feeling well daily.

My oldest (Celiac) daughter would benefit from the diet I’m sure as her body is still healing from the disease. . . she’s only been gf for a year now.

Our youngest boy. . .well, he seems fine but I’m sure a healthier diet won’t hurt him a bit.

So, I’m on a mission. . .one month at a time.  August is my first hard core month. I figure if I bite it off in one month increments, I won’t overwhelm myself with the thought of two years (the standard length of time usually required for healing on GAPs).

I made menu’s. . . I laid out exactly what the crew is eating for breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack, & dinner.  This will help me plan as well.  I am prepping baked goods such as coconut flour bread for nut butter sandwiches and french toast and coconut flour muffins.

In order to get extra calories nutrition into M, I’m adding full fat coconut milk smoothies and gelatin made with coconut milk and hot chocolate with added coconut oil to his diet. I’m praying that the MCFA in coconut will help his starved brain in addition to his body.

Now I need to figure out a way to get ferments into the kids.  Some of the kids like pickles, so I’m going to make some lacto fermented guys.  I’m going to experiment with salsa and ketchup.  I have some yummy beet kraut in the fridge and I might try to sneak a bit of juice into their dinner.  They love kefir and some of them love kombucha so that’s easy. . . I’m going to work on a dip with kefir soured cream (heavy cream).

Today, by accident, I figured out you can make Ghee using the microwave.  I’m anti-microwave but there is one in our house because we have other people living here and they use it regularly.  That said, since it’s here, I use it for things like melting frozen butter when I forget to get it out of the freezer ahead of time. 🙂  Today, I placed two sticks of organic butter in a Pyrex measuring cup and microwaved until melted.  The butter naturally separated and I was able to pour off the yellow Ghee leaving behind the milk solids (which contain most of the casein).  I was planning to just use regular butter but this allowed me to have clarified butter instead!  Yay.

We are going camping again this month. . . so I will start prepping ahead of time.  I intend to have GAPs approved nut butter cups, chocolate, marshmallows, “graham” crackers, muffins, coconut flour bread, etc. . . ready for the trip.  This way the kids have a variety of things to eat, and still get to enjoy traditional camping goodies.  I also plan to bring along our ice cream ball and make a yummy ice cream dessert.  The challenge is going to be keeping our kids on a good diet while we are there. . . it’s hubbies extended family camping trip and everyone plans to have dinners together, I plan to prepare food for the kids and I regardless of which campsite we are eating at that night.

Wish me luck. . . I definitely don’t have the full support of the other involved adults nor are the kids completely on board (and when are they, really?).


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