Meal Game Plan- July 23-29th

Something has to give around here. . . and that something is my recent lack of organization.  Don’t get me wrong. . . I’m OCD and desire a serene, organized home. . . but, the reality of my world is that I have 12-16 kids here on a daily basis and in case you weren’t aware. . . kids + organization = pipe dream. Anyway, I’ve been adding to the nuts around here by not being better prepared.  There’s nothing like 5pm rolling around. . . most of the extra kids are gone. . . mine are grumbling about their empty tummies (because it’s been about 5 minutes since their last snack) and hubs is due in the door any minute.

Since I can’t just run to the pantry and whip out a box of Hamburger Helper or some such processed convenience food, I end up in a panic at moments like these.  I have nothing defrosted, nothing planned. . . if I’m lucky, there may be some burgers already pattied in the freezer or some clean dogs to throw on the grill.

This cannot continue.  So, here is my meal plan for this week.  My childcare meals are bound by the USDA rules which require things like grains and milk at every meal (SAD).  I list childcare specific foods in ( ).  There are some compromises currently like baked GF oatmeal and occasional rice.  This is our reality as we are trying to make a full transition to being grain free.   Did I mention how much it costs to feed 16 kids 4 + times each day?

I’m attempting to reduce the total grains the kids kid and eliminate them entirely from my diet.  I’m also not enjoying the starchy foods (like potatoes) and I’m avoiding most fruit currently and eating veggies instead.  My children get little to no milk, but it’s required for the daycare.  I can get away with grain free muffins because the USDA doesn’t specify ingredients and “muffins” are approved.

I was avoiding all PB for my kids. . . but with the daycare that’s nearly impossible.  I compromised with Trader Joe’s PB (only nuts & salt) paired with our homemade lower sugar jams.  It’s summer, people. . . and these are kids.

When we are getting grains, I am trying to properly prepare them (overnight soaking), so they are easier on our bodies to digest.

I was giving my children zero fruit juice (unless freshly made at home). . . but it’s something the daycare gets due to USDA requirements and many of the kids won’t drink water (SAD).  So, the compromise is once or twice a week, I will allow my kids one serving (4-6 oz) of juice when I give it to the daycare.

Salads and eggs are always alternative options for meals.  That’s what Mama usually has because its quick and easy.  The kids are able to help themselves as well.

Monday 7/23

B- Breakfast “cookies” from Against all Grain.  Modified- I removed the dried fruit and added choc chips.  Otherwise my SAD daycare kids wouldn’t have touched them AND I didn’t have yummy dried cherries on hand.   Choice of fruit, (milk)  **Warning- I ate WAY too many of these. They are delish.

AM- More breakfast cookies, apple juice

L- GF PB&J, carrots, apples, (milk)

PM- watermelon slices, corn chips

D- baked chicken with rosemary tomatoes, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots in butter, spring salad, cucs & carrot sticks, black rice *soaked if possible

Tuesday 7/24

B- soaked steel cut GF oats, choice of fruit, (milk)

AM- banana “sushi”- banana, pb, gf rice krispies

L- meat/pickle rolls (sandwich), carrot sticks, apple, (milk)

PM- nachos – corn chips w/ melted cheese & salsa + watermelon

D- Tin foil tilapia w/ broccoli/carrots/cauliflower, leftover black rice, salad

7/25- Happy 12th Birthday to my darling Kaylee girl!

B- choc/banana muffins *grain free modified from Elana’s book Gluten Free Cupcakes*, choice of fruit, (milk)

AM- ants on a log (celery, pb, raisins)

L- jam muffins *coconut flour/ homemade jam center*, lunch meat rolls, carrots, apple, milk

PM- boiled eggs & carrot sticks

D- Twice Baked Potatoes w/ bacon, salad, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots (mom gets chicken instead) This is Kaylee’s birthday dinner request.

Thursday 7/26

B- Scrambled eggs (toast for DC), choice of fruit *veggies for Mom*, (milk)

AM- apple slices, nuts/trail mix (crackers)

L- leftover muffins, meat rolls, celery, carrots, (milk)

PM- (cold cereal), fruit & PB dip

D- Bourbon chicken (crockpot) gain free/gf

Friday, 7/27

B- baked oatmeal, choice of fruit, (milk)

AM- apple slices, yogurt

L- (noodles), mixed veggies, egg, meat, fruit salad, (milk) *think egg drop soup*

PM- leftover baked oatmeal, apple juice

D- cauliflower soup, chicken breasts, salad

Saturday 7/28- sister’s wedding day. . . it’s gonna be crazy.  Prepared meat, veggie, fruit platters. Leftovers.

Sunday 7/29

B- grain free muffins, fruit

AM- grain free “treats” from freezer (muffin, “cookie”)

L- leftovers/fridge clean out

PM- veggies and ranch dip, air popped popcorn

D- crockpot chicken taco salad


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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