Paleo-fied Brownie Muffins


Tonight my family is gathered in our media room watching The Sound of Music.  How we love this classic!  We enjoyed a dinner of BBQ’d hamburgers smothered in Kerrygold Garlic & Herb Butter (Can I just say, delish!). Then I decided this night called for something sweet and chocolate. . . and paleo-ish.

I googled for brownie recipes and came up with one we’ve tried (and didn’t love) and then I stumbled upon PaleOMG’s Fudgy Brownie Recipe.  I headed to the kitchen to whip up a batch but as I started pitting dates I realized the recipe called for figs.  Well, I don’t have figs so I decided to improvise…

Bold indicates the items I added or substituted to the original recipe.

I didn’t measure everything. . . I chopped up and pitted a bunch of dates that looked to be roughly 1 1/2 cup as the recipe called for regarding figs.  I placed the dates in a glass bowl and added a couple tablespoons of water and microwaved on high for one minute until the dates were tender.  (Note, this was AFTER placing them in the food processor, adding a bit of cooled coffee, turning the processor on and having coffee/date liquid sprayed everywhere. Oops.)

Then the dates went into the food processor.  I melted 1/3 cup of coconut oil and added it to the processor.  Then I melted and added to the processor about 3/4 cup (more than PaleOMG called for) chocolate.  We used regular chips and this was SWEET.  In the future, I will experiment with 85% dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate.  Use whatever suits your sweet tooth.  The regular chips worked well tonight because Hubs has a major sugar tooth that resists Paleo at every turn.  For me, they were delicious but too sweet.

Next in were the three eggs, whirring away because the mixture is fairly warm and you don’t want to cook the eggs.  Then I decided the recipe needed some vanilla. . . so I poured in a bit (maybe a tablespoon).  Lastly, I added 1 Tbs of Chia Seed, 6 Tbs coconut flour,  a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda, & 1/4 tsp baking powder.

I considered baking them in a brownie pan but opted to not take the experiment that far. . . so I lined 12 muffin tins and filled them using a heaping 1/4 cup measuring cup.  This worked out to fill all 12 nicely.


Then I popped them in the oven and baked at 350F for 25 minutes (until the center was done).  They only cooled for about 10 minutes before we topped each treat with a dollop of whip cream and enjoyed their deliciousness!

Everyone. . . including hubs LOVED them.  Hubs requested that I don’t tell him what is in them. . . he said ignorance is bliss.


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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3 Responses to Paleo-fied Brownie Muffins

  1. Marlene says:

    These are utterly divine!!! By far the best I’ve ever tried (including ‘regular’ non-paleo ones).
    I had to tweak e bit because the first time the batter was so thick and sticky I burnt out my stab-mixer! That batch turned out quite dry and dense and unmanageable and messy, and I decided there and them never to make them again. Until I tasted them, that is… I was totally “blissed out” by the flavors!!

    Keeping in mind my initial problems I tweaked the second batch: I used half dates, half figs. No special reason, just didn’t have enough of either solo.
    4 eggs instead of 3 (I figured: everything is bigger in the US, so probably eggs too, even or especially organic ones as compared to the medium sized eggs here in Holland…)
    5 tbs spoons coconut flour (just to stay on the safe side)
    I also added 2 tbs of unsweetend cocoa powder – no reason, just even more chocolatey
    And when processing the batter I was afraid to burn out the appliance (a new one) again, so I slopped in a squirt of coconut cream, just so it would turn out gooey enough.
    And boy, are they yummy, chocolatey and gooey!! The very very VERY best!
    Thank you soooo much for posting your recipe!

  2. Marlene says:

    Hi PolkaDotMommy
    First: sincere congrats on the birth of your new baby! May all your lives be blessed with light, laughter and love.
    Even tho i know how busy life is with such a pre-mature little one (my son was 7 weeks early and weighed only 1235 grams (2.72 lbs) at birth), i must require that you remove my email address from my comment on your (divine!) brownies. Your website states that email addresses are never mentioned!
    You are, of course, free to mention my first name.
    Your trouble is much appreciated, thanks

  3. I’m trying to figure out how to remove that– it showed up because you entered your email address in the name and email address slot– I may have to remove your entire comment. I’m mobile now so if I can’t figure it out I will once I get home. You may also be able to delete that comment from your end and resubmit it if you’d like with the proper name/email combo. Your second comment was entered correctly so I wonder if when you typed the first it auto filled for you…

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