Great Prices for Paleo, GAPS, GF Foods without Coupons!

ImageMy families health can’t afford to extreme coupon.  In order to get killer deals on food, you must be willing to consume the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Our family believes that what we put in our bodies matter.  We believe that sugar is bad for you.  We believe that our food should look like food and that shopping the outer rim of the market is the best choice. We believe in local, sustainable, chemical free products.  We believe that food is the best medicine and is meant to nourish our bodies.

If we feed our bodies full of sugared cereals, chips, soda, packaged pasta & rice dishes, canned veggie’s, frozen pizza & nuggets, candy, “energy” drinks, fruit juice, etc. . . we will feel crummy.  We will have bad skin, overweight bodies,  and a myriad of physical and emotional ailments.  This is not what I want for my children.

Over the last five years, our diet has evolved.  When we were first launched into the gluten free world, I searched high and low for any gluten free packaged foods that would make my little girl feel “normal”.  We were eating organic produce and better quality meats and had replaced our cleaners with natural alternatives. . . but we were still eating plenty of processed food and fast food.

Now, I am disgusted at the thought that people obtain a “meal” at the local convenience store.  Grease fried corn dogs and burritos?  Ewwww.  The very thought turns my stomach.  My children disgustingly exclaim, “McDonald’s GROSS!”.   This thrills me.

That said, I know we are still far from the optimal diet I’d like our family to have.  Better than most? Yes. . . good enough?  No.

So. . . our diet is evolving yet again.  We are moving mostly Paleo.  Currently my children have been allowed cold cereal on the weekends (with their eggs).  This will continue until we deplete our stash of cold cereal (I buy gluten free low sugar varieties on sale and stock up). 

I say “mostly” Paleo because I know we won’t give up dairy completely and I anticipate us still enjoying gluten free oats and possibly buckwheat on occasion.   The bread stash is almost depleted. .  .gluten free is gone and the whole wheat variety for the non GF boys is down to one loaf.  Our gluten free pasta stash is also almost out.  I sent much of our brown rice and beans off to the food bank this week.

My biggest concern is how to afford a date based on good quality meat, eggs, nuts, and organic produce.  I figure that our regular budget includes about $50 a week for gluten free specific items (bread, snacks, etc. . .), so that is an extra $200/month that can directly toward our higher meat cost.

Today, I was out shopping and stopped in at the Grocery Outlet.  I almost didn’t make the stop because I thought, “they aren’t going to have any of our foods there!”.  I’m glad I decided to check it out!

We found:

6 lbs of organic ground beef (4.99/lb vs. 6.99/lb) GAPS & Paleo

4 pkgs Open Nature Brats (2.99/4pk vs. 4.99/4pk) no fillers, no nitrates, honey sweetened GAPS & Paleo

3 bags (2.5lbs each) Foster Farms Chicken Breast Tenders- no fillers/additives ($5.99/pk)

2 pkgs (4 count) Earth’s Best Organic Yogurt- no refined sugar! ($1.99)

1 container Open Nature Plain yogurt

4 bags (2lbs each) Organic frozen veggies

52 count Tillamook Mini-Moo’s Aged Cheddar Cheese ($7.99)

2- 3lb bags of Tangelos ($1.99 each)

Organic salad ($1.99)

Organic carrots ($1.00)

Challenge Butter- unsalted (1.99/lb)

12- Pacific Foods GF Cream of Chicken Soup ($1.29/ea)- contains dairy, rice & tapioca starch

5 bags of Glutino GF Pretzels ($1.99ea)  I could pass this deal up. . . I do run a daycare that won’t be Paleo!

2 boxes Annie’s Bunnies ($1.99ea) ditto above!

I also purchased marinated artichoke hearts and a artichoke dip (no sugars, no fillers!).


All in all, I think we got some great deals!  Everything was a significant savings over average market prices.  Bonus. . . when we picked our girls up from their visit to the Grandparents today, we received two bags full of fresh fish from the Pacific Ocean (Tuna & Halibut) evidently Grandpa went fishing.



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