Passport 2 Purity Weekend

Mama & Daugther- August 26, 2011

This Mama is growing up… how do I know this?  I am now the parent of a TWEEN!  That’s right, my firstborn, Kaylee is 11 years old.  Which means, it’s time to really teach our values so she can start forming her convictions now… before she is in a difficult situation.

Last weekend, Kaylee and Mama had a Girls Time Out.  We shopped, we dined, we sipped cold beverages, we had pedicures and haircuts, we purchased tween appropriate cosmetics…

Most importantly, we went through Passport 2 Purity.  The contents of our lessons and conversations are private… just between Kaylee and I.  But the point of this weekend was to teach Biblical values to our tweens before they are in the situations middle and high school bring.  If we help our children gain convictions, it will be a lot easier for them to stand strong against peer pressure.

I can’t help but wonder how my decisions (or non decisions) may have been different if I had parents with a strong faith who shared this valuable information with me AND held me accountable… We are praying that despite our past mistakes, as parents, we will be successful in giving our children something we didn’t have… and with the grace of God, our children will come through life a little less scarred.

Kaylee said the weekend was exciting and fun… I’m sure all the shopping helped. 🙂  To enable us to have more activity time, I burned the CDs into my iTunes and loaded them up onto Kaylee’s iPod Touch.  While we enjoyed pedicures, we listened to one of the lessons.

We decided to stay local and sleep at home for the weekend.  This decision allowed us a couple of things:

1) More $ for a special gift

2) More $ to spend shopping & dining

We listened to the CD lessons while driving between activities, while enjoying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the parking lot and on the iPod when activities allowed.

Daddy & Daughter- August 26, 2011

Our weekend wrapped up a little differently than the program suggests.  Daddy took us on a celebration “date”.  We got dressed up and curled our hair (or I should say Kaylee’s hair, Mama’s was still wet when we left the house).  Daddy drove the car out front, rang the doorbell, and escorted his ladies out for the night.  Our dinner was at P.F. Chang’s (they have a wonderful gluten free menu) where Daddy shared a beautiful letter he wrote for Kaylee and gifted her with a ruby ring (Kaylee’s birthstone).

Daddy explains the meaning of the ring

Kaylee and I had a wonderful weekend, we connected, had wonderful conversations, and hopefully made memories that will last a lifetime.  Daddy and I will keep praying daily for Kaylee (and all our children) and Daddy is making sure all the girls know he will be interviewing any potential dates in the future (a very long long time away).  I love that Kaylee has a beautiful reminder on her finger… so anytime she is struggling, she can look down and remember her commitment to God and her family.

Kaylee Girl

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  1. Suzi says:

    wow, this is so sweet. I love it!

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