Gluten Free S’mores

Recently we took the family on an educational camping excursion.  For me, camping has always been synonymous with roasting marshmallows and eating gooey s’mores.   This has gotten more difficult since Celiac became a member of our household.

A few years ago I started making my own graham crackers and marshmallows, it’s a lot of work!  While I’m still making our marshmallows (sometimes), I’ve found a way to bypass the graham cracker baking when I’m busy (always).

Enjoy Life, a trusted name in allergy friendly foods sent us a sampling of their new crunchy cookies.  These cookies received mixed reviews in our house, but the vanilla grahams were PERFECT for s’mores!

If I’m feeling crazy Martha Stewart-like, I can also whip up my own honey chocolate bars using coconut oil, cocoa powder, and honey (honestly to whatever amount tastes good to me in liquid form).  Check out Naturally Knocked Up for a peanut butter cup recipe (you can do just the chocolate for s’mores or go all out with peanut butter cup s’mores).  For the perfect size chocolate “bars”, I recommend using a muffin tin for the chocolates.  This works much better if you line the muffin tin with paper liners first, but in a pinch a liberal dose of melted coconut oil will do the job.   (I have a good sense that this would also work perfectly for the peanut butter cup recipe.)

Enjoy Life’s Crunchy Cookies are on the shelves at my local grocers now, in limited varities… Enjoy Life sent us a box of each flavor to try out. Our favorite was the Honey Graham, followed by chocolate chip, and double chocolate chip… the sugar crisps didn’t find favor with anyone in the house except the one year olds who were happy to have a sweet treat.

This nutrition conscious Mama is always thrilled to have safe treats on hand, even if they come in a box… which means Enjoy Life will remain a regular guest in our pantry (there’s always a place for a goodie, as long as it’s a occasional treat).

Speaking of occasional treats or snacking “in moderation” like so many Americans like to talk about… at a recent GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) meeting, a holistic nutritionist came to speak.  She put “moderation” at 4x’s a year for goodies, especially processed ones like chips and cookies.  Homemade snacks with some nutritional value may find a bit more favor.


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