Enjoy Life… A Trusted Name in Allergen Friendly Foods

Pamela's Gluten Free Pancakes with Mega Chunks!

You’ll notice a lot of ranting on here this week about the growing awareness of Celiac and gluten tolerance and how that is translating into lack of safety for those who have a zero or low gluten threshold. (Read my first gluten safety post here.)

On a lighter note, I was sent a package to try out from Enjoy Life (who I consider to be a leader in the allergy friendly food marketplace).  I know that I can trust Enjoy Life’s products, they go to extensive ends to make sure every product is free of gluten and the eight most common allergens.  They produce their products in a gluten and tree nut free facility so there is NO risk for cross contamination at the production level and they screen their suppliers for compliance.  Can I get an Amen?

Last week, I posted our review of Double Chocolate Crunch Granola… it was a hit in our house.  Then we went camping, so I saved the Mega Chunks for camping treats.

We enjoyed chocolate chunk blondies (made with the recipe on the package), which the kids loved (the adults not so much, but they are gluten eaters and harder to please without traditional flour).   We finished off our bag of (Semi-Sweet Chocolate) Mega Chunks in Pamela’s GF Pancake Mix yesterday morning.  Yummy, chocolatey, delicousness.

The Mega Chunks have only three ingredients- Evaporated Cane Juice (sugar), Natural Chocolate Liquor, and Non Dairy Cocoa Butter.

We will definitely purchase these chunks again… I am imagining them squished in the middle of some biscuits made from Pamela’s baking mix, baked, dipped in butter, and rolled in cinnamon and sugar (a gluten free twist on an old camp favorite of ours!).

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