Mommy Bloggers Are Liars…

Seriously… either the blogosphere is full of a bunch of BSing Mama’s or y’all are A LOT BETTER at time management than yours truly.

In case you are behind the times, I’ll catch you up a bit.  Now I am the Mama of FIVE plus TeenGirl.  In addition to the littles in our home, there is also one fabulous DH and two parents in law.

My days go something like this:

Wake up, drag self out of bed, convince DH to get out of bed and into the shower (where he lives for the next 30 minutes), ensure kids are up (Thank you Jesus for giving me an oldest daughter who at the advanced age of 10 years jumps out of bed and wakes her siblings up), start coffee, start lunches, make breakfast (usually eggs and toast,  sometimes with sausage or bacon as well), make chai for DH, check for back packs, lunch boxes, chase everyone out the door into the van, kiss DH goodbye and wave as MY ENTIRE LIFE drives off in one mini-van toward the school DH teaches at.  Yes, all the kiddos are back in school because DH is an extremely devoted school teacher and felt strongly about having the kids in school.  God says to obey and submit to our husbands, so there you have it, although I’ve had my share of tears over this.

By 7:35 am, I walk back in the door and sigh at the disaster before me.  Now it’s time for breakfast dishes and to start laundry (7 loads every other day plus a couple on the in between days) and try to jump in the shower before the daycare kids arrive.  (Second praise of this post, Thank you Jesus for giving me daycare babies to supplement our income and that these children DO NOT arrive at unearthly early hours.)

Between 8:30 and 10:45 am, juggle two babies (8mo and 9mo) who aren’t overly thrilled about going to daycare for the first time (or being away from Mommy’s milk… the pumped stuff isn’t quite the same, ya know?).  Dad in law may pop in and out during these hours (he’s retired but working in real estate these days), he gives me the look that says, “Screaming babies? I’m running!” and I feel terrible for subjecting him to the crazy! 10:45 we are in the van (likely after spending 30 minutes trying to install carseats AND juggle unhappy infants) headed to pick up my two youngest from kinder (who thought 2 1/2 hours of kindergarten was long enough?).  After kinder pick up, we’ve been eating in the van while running a myriad of errands…

Once we are back home, I convince the littles to have some quiet rest time (which may or may not include laying down and watching a Veggie Tales video) and try even harder to convince the babies that sleep is actually a good thing.  Did I mention the diapers and bottle prep… no?  Well, those have both happened several times per infant…

If I’m really lucky, I might manage to unpack a box or two (we are still overflowing with unpacked boxes EVERYWHERE) only to walk back into the play living room to a water paint mess over most surfaces and paper shreds all over the floor.  Clean up commences (which usually means Mama is doing most of the cleaning while yelling at encouraging the littles to help.

Around this time, I realize: A) I haven’t followed my monthly menu plan for yet another day and B) I have nothing defrosted.  So, I figure out something to make for dinner. On a day like today, I actually get organized and put a roast on first thing in the morning, yay me!

The older crew arrives home from school with Nana (DH has to stay to do grades/lesson plans/meetings/etc…), of course everyone is STARVING and has WAY TO MUCH homework to do (what is with the whole going to school for 6 hours/day and then having another hour of homework?  This doesn’t happen with homeschool). Thankfully, most days Nana is around to help coerce the more resistant children into doing homework.

My day goes on and on in a similar manner until I collapse into bed around 11pm barely staying awake for DH and I to do our Daily Bible reading (we are going through the Bible in a Year).

So, how does all of this make Mommy Bloggers liars?  Well, I’d like to know how in the heck anyone manages a large family, keeps a clean house, educates their children, bakes home made bread and makes tortilla’s from scratch.  I’ve done all of these things in the past, but to actually accomplish all of this PLUS find time to blog about it?  Wowsa… I must need a whole lot of organization!  Or maybe I just need to adjust to my new life and actually get this house unpacked and in order, then I’ll find the time to blog?

DH thinks I’m a rockstar (and I must agree) but I still feel so much less amazing than all of these amazing Mommy Bloggers I read on a regular basis (or used to read before I lost every iota of my free time).

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my world for anything… I have the most spectacular husband in the ENTIRE WORLD.  God really has answered my prayers and blessed me with the perfect partner for ME.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have disagreements (don’t even ask about politics).  Being a Mama is the BESTEST thing in the world… the one thing I am really good at. Sure, I’d love to get this house in order and feel like I am running a well oiled machine instead of chasing a tornado but I have faith that will come in time.

Life is good… we are busy… wonderful… blessed… now, if I can just unpack the last 100 boxes we will be in great shape.


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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One Response to Mommy Bloggers Are Liars…

  1. mamajil says:

    oh my let me start by saying “cut yourself some slack!!!” Moving and unpacking is a season on transition!! and I’ve been absent for awhile (trying to juggle my life with 10 kids and a grandbaby…) but sounds like your life has changed a good bit in the last little bit since I was on here last, so that is transition too……you will get your groove back and the normal routine may look different but it will be back 🙂 And babies are work!! Especially when they want their momma and to nurse…….hard work sub-ing for that…… Sounds like you are at the thresh hold of new beginnings embrace this season and don’t be too hard on yourself!!!
    Praying peace and rest to you and your entire house hold!!

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