Weekend Recap and This Week’s Baking Plans

We had (yet another) super busy, fulfilling weekend.  That’s the story of our lives.

Daycare wrapped up a bit early on Friday (how this miracle happened, I don’t know).  I believe I was kid free by 5PM.  Although, at that time I also ran in to town to pick up a couple of kids from church whose parent was away and had a weekend sitter emergency.  So, I still had five kids over the weekend.

Once everyone was settled at home with TeenGirl, I headed out to pick up a girlfriend for BUNCO night.  I’ve never played Bunco before and honestly, I thought it was an “older” lady game.  There were a dozen women there with an age range of mid 20’s to mid 40’s and one ladies Mom subbed as well.  It was a blast. I lost, but that means I also won because I got a bag of canned foods. 🙂

Saturday found us at dance class and then we attended a harvest party, which was a blast!  I enjoyed dancing with all the girls (and my daycare babies).  We had good fellowship, great food and awesome desserts! Afterward, I ran all five kids through baths/showers and into bed.

Sunday we left early for Mass so we could set up my classroom before church.  Then we had a GREAT Catechism class (although 7 kids were absent!).  We divided the kids the into two teams and played Bible verse phone game.  We started out with two simple verses, “This one at last is flesh of my flesh, bone of my bones- Genesis 2:23” and “He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel- Genesis 3:15”.  We got back from the kids “use your soul power” and “something about brains and soup”.  Awesome.  It was good for a giggle.

After church Sunday, I dropped the girls off to visit their father and grandparents.  I drove in to visit my Grandma and take her flowers (her birthday is in two weeks and I won’t see her again before then).  Afterward I spent the afternoon with a very special friend.  11PM found me at the grocery store preparing  for daycare meals and then home to bed.

This week, Kaylee girl will be starting her “Kaylee’s Cupcakes” baking in preparation for her future baking sale.  She’s making simple vanilla cupcakes this afternoon… on her own.

We will be making these super cute GF Mummy and Ghost cookies from GF Foodie.  They look marvelous!

I’m looking for other (fun), relatively simple GF recipes to use in the kitchen with my 8yo… it’s time for her to start baking as well.  Ideas are more than welcome!

We are struggling with re-removal (I know that’s not a real word) of dairy from Kenzie Dear’s diet.  She is mad at me right now and her attitude is showing it.  I swear, this child does not cope well with introduction of no-no foods.  Maybe she won’t ever outgrow it! We ran a month long dairy test to see if she was ready.  What a mistake on my part.  We’ve had a month long cold/asthma flare,  a terrible spotty rash around her nose and horrific behavior.   Now she is angry about going back to almond milk and not being allowed string cheese or organic yogurt tubes.  😦 Hopefully the baking projects will help distract her and remind her of all the good food she does get!


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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