First Communion Photographs

Kaylee and McKenzie now hold Jesus in their hearts and can continue to share in this special love each time they take part in the Eucharist.

May 16, 2010, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

Father Jeff with McKenzie and Kaylee

We had beautiful, sunny weather which was perfect except for all the squinty eyes in the pictures.

Kaylee receiving the Most Precious Body of Christ in her first Holy Communion

The girls chose the same dress (and Mommy bought them the same shoes, socks, purses, and cardigans) but they picked out different veils and headpieces.

McKenzie receiving The Most Precious Body of Christ in her first Holy Communion

Since Kaylee is two years late (because her mommy is a slacker), I was surprised to see the maturity difference and what it meant to the whole of First Communion.  This has made me ponder why second grade/8 yrs is the standard age, because Kaylee definitely understood the sacrament and why this is so important much better than the second graders.  (There was another sister set with the same 2nd/4th grade combo, I wonder if they had the same experiences).  The 4th graders appeared to be able to sit still, pay attention, not giggle during practice, etc…  The following pictures illustrate this well…

McKenzie kneeling during consecration of the Eucharist

She doesn’t look overly happy or attentive here… no?

Kaylee kneeling during consecration of the Eucharist

Kaylee looks like she is feeling the peace of Christ.  Perhaps this doesn’t reflect the age difference as much as their individual personalities…

The First Communion Class and Father Jeff

After Mass, we had a quick reception at the Church before coming home for lunch and cake with Godparents and Grandparents. It was a sweet day.  The girls are very excited to be able to participate in the Eucharist each week and on Holy Days of Obligation.  Of course, this also means regular reconciliation, which isn’t always fun but necessary.


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  2. These photos are simply lovely. Glad to see the girls had a memorable first communion day. God bless them.

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