Nourishing Traditions and Gluten Free Eating

In addition to being gluten free, we’ve been drastically reducing refined sugar and grains and moving toward a traditional diet (I highly recommend the book, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon).

What this means in our GF world…

  • Replacing most grains with almond and coconut flours.
  • Soaking brown rice before cooking.
  • Preparing sourdough breads.
  • Using only healthy fats- real butter, coconut oil and EVOO.
  • Enjoying plenty of grass fed, local meats.
  • Enjoying lots of organic/spray free, local produce.
  • Switching to RAW, whole, non homogenized milk.  When we can’t raw, we do non-homogenized/cream on top, local milk.
  • Preparing and consuming dairy kefir on a daily basis
  • Omitting soy products
  • Replacing sugar with Rapadura/Sucanat, honey, maple syrup, or palm (coconut) sugar.  (We’ve removed agave due to the high processing)

Differences we’ve noticed… the kefir is really helping my daughters bowel issues.  It’s been amazing.  The addition of healthy fats (while omitting unhealthy fats like margarine, canola/veggie oils) has decreased cravings and left us feeling more satisfied.

We are all feeling healthy, more nourished, and less sluggish.  I’m seeing improved skin (which is noticed by those around me)… the healthy internal glow is showing!

Some meal ideas:

Breakfast- (We enjoy lots of fresh fruit with every breakfast)

whole eggs  (free range eggs, did I mention we now have 9 chickens?) w/ almond flour pancakes

soaked brown rice w/ crispy almonds and honey

coconut flour muffins and eggs

ground chicken (seasoned with herbs) w/ eggs and fresh grated potatoes

overnight oats w/ fruit and honey


kefir smoothie w/ blanched spinach, berries, and banana

HM GF “graham” crackers w/ almond butter

HM trail mix (crispy nuts, raisins, dark chocolate chips, coconut)

air popped popcorn drizzled with melted coconut oil and Celtic sea salt

veggie sticks w/ kefir herb dip


organic spring greens w/ hardboiled egg, shredded chicken (leftover from this weeks whole fryers), grated whole milk cheese

soaked brown rice w/ shredded chicken and cream sauce, zucchini + mushrooms

asparagus, mushroom, and meat ball or chicken kabobs

HM mac and cheese w/ broccoli


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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