Lent, Foster Care, and So Much More!

Lent begins tomorrow.  I always look forward to this season… Easter is my absolute favorite holiday and I delight in the 40 days preparation leading up to it.

Lent is a time of fasting, of sacrifice, of prayer, and reflection.  I’m giving up caffeine, so it’ll also have a fair share of migraines.

The children are giving up candy.  I want to say all sugar, but we all know that’s a little extreme to expect from a passel of youngsters.

We begin with the Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow evening.  I’m excited to share this ritual with my children and begin our journey toward the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On another note, tonight I took my first class toward becoming a certified foster home.  We don’t know yet where this journey will lead us, but we do know that caring for orphans is a Biblical mandate and we are being called to step up.  This process will take several months (or longer)… but it’s yet another journey we are embarking on.

I’m praying about an educational change for the children.  Many of you may remember that I planned to homeschool… and that I am actually only homeschooling the oldest at this time.  Hubs wasn’t on board with home education and since he was the leader of our home, the kids went back to school.  However, I did have permission to look into private education opportunities,  they come with a large price tag, so many prayers are needed to make these a reality.

The girls and I are shopping for First Communion dresses.  Wowsa, they are pricey!  But it’s a once in a lifetime sacrament and both Kaylee and Kenzie are very excited about this Sacramental Celebration.  Thankfully we have three months to figure it all out.

Kaylee has a singing solo in the school play in March… she will be Snow White.  So, I’m pondering the creation of a Snow White dress that’s fit for an evening awards event… as in, typical Snow White colors and style taken up a notch with metallic gold instead of yellow and evening wear fabrics.  Time will tell!

Oh, and we found a couple of new (to us anyway) Gluten Free snacks.  Clif has fruit bars now, (3 bars for $4.00) Kenzie loves the apple ones. Clif C Bars aren’t technically gluten free, however they contain no gluten ingredients. Clif’s FAQ page states that contamination could occur during the manufacturing process.  We also found some WoW cookies (one individually wrapped large cookie for $1.89).  They are pricey, so these are occasional goodies!


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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