Gluten Free Restaurant Experiences

Recently, we’ve had the joy of finding a couple restaurants that offer gluten free foods.  This is very exciting… I love seeing gluten free hitting the mainstream, as that means awareness is increasing!

Some of these may be Portland, OR area only, but you can find places to eat in your area at the Gluten Free Registry.


Bellagios– eat in, carry out, or delivery.  10 inch(small) only.  $10-$13, $1.00 each for extra toppings.  Also sells ready to use crust, $3.50/1 or 2 for $6.00.

Garlic Jim’s– Gluten Free Food Service Accreditation from the Gluten Intolerance Group.  Contains no dairy or soy in the crust (sauces and toppings could, depending on your choice).  Carry out/delivery ONLY (although locally, the Nimbus location does offer dine in seating).  Available in a large only, prices are about $3.00 more than the regular menu.  All flour used in the stores is a GF blend, it is used on ALL pizzas.  Employees are trained to prevent cross contamination.


Hawthorne/Corbett Fish House– Uses rice flour, so you can enjoy fish and chips again!


Old Spaghetti Factory–   Serves DeBole’s Rice Fettuccine, 4 sauce choices, salad (request no croutons).  Can also add chicken or Italian sausage.  Baked chicken is available at dinner time only.

Olive Garden– It’s a limited menu, but they do have a gf penne pasta which you can sub (after questioning menu ingredients) in some pasta dishes.


Cruise In Country Diner.  Natural, Organic, Local.  The owners are very friendly and seem to be always there.  Offering gluten free buns, gf fries (must specify), and gf BEER (Redbridge) which is made with sorghum.  The ground beef is all antibiotic and hormone free.

Red Robin– I’m not impressed with their offerings as it’s just a listing of regular menu items minus all the good stuff.  Doesn’t offer any gluten free buns or pasta, you just have to go low carb style.  Their fries are gluten free, but are usually fried in a shared frier, so double check before you order.  You also have to ask for no RR seasoning (and how yummy is that stuff?!?!).


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2 Responses to Gluten Free Restaurant Experiences

  1. Karen Broussard says:

    Hi Polka Dot Mommy…

    I thought I might be able to help you find some more safe restaurants that accommodate gluten-free diets, both in your area and in places you might travel. I am the owner of GlutenFreeTravelSite ( ), where people on g-f diets can search and submit reviews of restaurants, hotels/resorts, cruise ships, and grocery stores. It is organized by geographic region (currently to the state level). Because we now have over 750 places reviewed on our site, within the next few days we’ll be enhancing our search capability to allow people to narrow their review searches to the zip code or town level. Most of our reviews are of independent restaurants, not just the “same old” list of multiple locations of the chain restaurants you find on many other sites. However, because there are now so many national and chain restaurants offering gluten-free menus, we feature some of the best ones within a separate section of our site called Gluten Free Restaurant Menus ( ). Please check out our site and help us spread the word. It’s free to use and can help you whether you’re looking for a new restaurant to try close to home — or an accommodating hotel or resort when traveling!

  2. Quiana Murai says:

    thanks for the great post subscribed

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