What Exactly is ONE of Those Days?

Yesterday was ONE OF THOSE DAYS.  Any Mama knows what I speak of…

We started the day to the lovely sounds of 3 girly voices bickering before they were even out of bed.  Then we moved on to what I refer to as quiet defiance from the boy child (K-Man), snottiness from the oldest girl child (K2), rudeness from K3 and outright rottenness from Little Critter.  Toss in a couple of two year olds, one with Princess Syndrome and the other who has decided, “NO” is his favorite word.  Top with a GIANT St. Bernard puppy weighing in around 160lbs, a slighty cantankerous “Queen” cat and a new, frisky kitten.  Now you’ve got the makings for ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

Seriously… we fed the entire neighborhood popsicles at least three times.  I picked up more sticky wrappers than I care to count (this is the LAST time I buy those otter pops just because they are cheap… I can’t wait for Costco to get the Prepara Volocano Pop mold-16 set back in, they were $24.99 but I missed them!  Amazon sells a 4 set for $10.)

What possessed me to let my kids play outside while the little ones napped?  Did I really believe their promises to stay outside (none of the usual in and out, in and out) and be quiet so the little ones didn’t get woken up?  I know better… K2 came in 8 (EIGHT) times in 2 hours.  I have no clue how many times total our front door (after I reminded them to go in and out via the garage if there was an emergency which required them to come inside) slammed shut or how many times a loud voice bellowed out as they walked ran in the door.  From now on, nap time is NAP TIME FOR ALL.

Later in the afternoon we had a gum issue… the kids don’t get gum very often, but the older two were each given a pack from Teengirl because she didn’t care for a flavor I purchased her.  Well, as luck would have it, one of the kids decided to chew some of the gum and then spit it on the ground in our driveway.  A bit later that same wad of gum ended up stuck to one of the neighbor boys bike helmet and a crises ensued.  Then K2 took it upon her self to run in and tattle saying that Little Critter was responsible for the gum being on the helmet.  L.C. had no evidence of gum on her body to indicate she’d touched a sticky wad and pressed it onto a helmet.  A few minutes later, L.C. is in the house screaching because K2 had decided that removing the gum from the helmet and pressing it onto her sisters chest was a good idea.  Mayhem ensued while I threated life and limb and used cooking oil to remove gum residue from a child’s body and a bike helmet.  This is about when Oregon Dad got home… and by this point I was livid.  It had been a BAD day and I was so feed up with the kids placing blame on L.C. for everything.  Turns out it was K-Man who had the gum and spit it into the driveway… how it got on the helmet is still unclear but my guess is the kids dropped their helmets like they always do and it landed right on the sticky icky mess.

So far today has been better… perhaps because I grounded the entire crew from their bikes (because all the big kids kept riding the toddler bike and mucking up the training wheels, after repeatedly being told NOT to ride any bike but their own) and I also banned neighbor kids from play.  Today the kids get to play together… imagine that.  Oh, and they are all currently taking a nap.  Yay me.


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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One Response to What Exactly is ONE of Those Days?

  1. You are like a CSI detective…mom style.

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