Betty Crocker’s New Gluten Free Baking Mix… Win a Prize Pack!

photo (20)The PolkaDot Household is sampling new creations made with Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Baking Mixes.  Today we made banana cupcakes with browned butter frosting (recipe from the BC GF website).  Yummy!

These baking mixes look and taste just like their glutenoid counterparts.  Prices are about $4.00-$5.00 at our local Fred Meyer store.

Click on over to my review post at Eat.Drink.Better and leave a comment to win a prize pack containing FOUR baking mixes, 2 “Free” coupons for the mix of your choice, a shopping tote, a magnetic grocery list and a pen.

I’m also reading The G Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Living Without Magazine just sent me an email to announce Prometheus Labs new home Celiac gene test, MyCeliacId.  At $329, its remarkably cheaper than the same labs, Celiac Plus testing our GI recommended.  Plus, no test results are sent to your Doc or insurance company so there aren’t the worries about carrying a diagnosis around.  For those of us with “probable celiac”, this gene marker could be a definitive, if we don’t have the genes… we don’t have the disease… if we have the genes then we might have it or probably will develop it at some point.


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One Response to Betty Crocker’s New Gluten Free Baking Mix… Win a Prize Pack!

  1. Serena Wiedemann says:

    Leave to Betty Crocker to make gluten-free delicious! I thought my homemade gluten-free cookies were the best until I tried hers! Thank you Betty Crocker!

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