My Wonderful, Crazy Life…

Is it just me???  I’m devastated by Jon and Kate’s divorce… and shocked at the death’s that have rocked through celebrity-ville these last days.

My life has been insane, but that’s nothing new.  Father’s Day was AWESOME.  We spent it on the beach, strolling through quant shops and walking barefoot in the waves.  This last Sunday, Hubs and I hiked a couple of falls on the Columbia Gorge and enjoyed our beautiful Oregon.  I have some photos but haven’t uploaded them yet.

Speaking of photos, our good camera is on the fritz… when taking photos now, it appears that they are being taken through white mini blinds.  I don’t know what the deal is, but Hubs thinks its toast.  So, I’ve been using TeenGirls point and shoot digital which works fine but isn’t anything to write home about.

I finally finished all my requirements for a registered daycare… It was a stressful day yesterday, starting out with a very bad docs appointment… which I will share a bit of here, so if you’re squeamish stop reading NOW.

Doc walks in with a lady he introduces as a PA Student, “Do you know what a PA is?”… I’m thinking, “did you really just say that to me? I’m 31 years old, educated and had several years of medical training”.  Anyway, he then procedes to talk to the student instead of me, about me.  Yeah… I’m paying your $260 for this 10 minute visit so you can not even speak to me about ME.  I had to interrupt him to remind him of the secondary purpose of the appointment (other than the good ole’ annual exam).  Then he goes back to telling this student my whole life history.  I was never asked if I was okay with a student coming in and I definitely didn’t appreciate being ignored while my personal medical history (which is IMO, very private and slightly embarrasing) is shared with a complete stranger.  By the time Doc is doing the exam, I have three people staring down my cervix.  (A nurse was invited in as well.)  Doc actually had the student looking at my cervix and was talking to her about it… then he procedes to tell her what he’s doing… NOT ME.  Anyway, by the time I left the office I was nearly in tears… I cannot do it justice here, I was mad and embarrased and felt ignored and my concerns brushed aside.  Needless to say, I won’t be returning to this Doc, even though he is the person who performed two surgeries on me late last year… I am also considering writing a letter to the clinic.

So, after my less than stellar appointment, I rush home to have a nutrition appointment (more daycare stuff)… it went pretty well.  Hubs had  taken the 3 big kids to the park, the daycare kids were napping and Little Critter was all set up on the couch to watch a movie.  Except she decided not to watch the movie and to get into food, throw fits and be a general pain in the keister during my appointment.  I kid you not, she asked for candy at least 6 times during a NUTRITION appointment.  At least the staff member who was here has an Asperger son and wasn’t bothered by it.  I was mortified.

By the time I’ve finished these two appointments, I just want a nap!  But, I have yet another appointment to finish my daycare registration.  So, 45 minutes later, the safety inspector arrives.  I stayed up late the night before making sure everything was done, which meant I got out a bottle of paint and put pink stars on my sliding doors because I had forgotten to get window stickers… because glass doors must be marked so kids know they are closed… never mind that mine is so dirty from Saint Bernard slobber that no one would ever mistake it for being open.  When the inspector arrives, she starts in on things that aren’t on the checklist or in the rule book… I got a little cranky… I had hubs go out to the deck to fix a board that had decided to spring up.  The inspector lady and I are out on the deck talking about the escape opening in the deck for Teengirls bedroom.  When the previous owners decided to sell this house, they wanted to list it as a four bedroom so they had to install a window in the lower level bedroom… they also cut a whole in the deck to give direct access out in a fire.  I don’t think that was necessary because the deck is high enough you could crawl straight out, but whatever.  The inspector lady was having a conniption over that opening.  There was a board across it, but she didn’t think it was sufficient so I asked Hubs to go get a larger piece of wood from the garage.  In the meantime, Little Critter starts running across and bouncing on the board over the opening exclaiming, “See it’s safe”.  I said in a little too stern/yell like voice, “GET OFF THERE NOW, YOU KNOW THE RULES!”.  I probably should have been a bit calmer… but I was at the end of my rope and no body found it necessary to occupy the little tyrant while I tried to do this important inspection… I had a husband, a teenager and my older kids all right here.

While at K-man’s baseball game later that night, I ate organic chocolate chips right out of the package hidden in my handbag… a little chocolate helps alleviate stress.:)

The game was awesome… 8th win in a row, 18 to 7.  K-man pitched for the first time ever and did a really good job!  We have one more game on Wednesday, which isn’t a home game so I will miss it (daycare kids don’t leave until game is starting so there isn’t enough time to get there!) then we have county and possibly state tournaments before wrapping up.

Later this month, we have our annual lake trip with 5-6 other families for a week and then I’m taking K2 on a special trip for her 9th Bday.  We were suppose to be going to Blogher in Chicago, but I missed out on tickets and was waitlisted, then when my Mama passed away, I gave up my sponsorships because I figured things were too crazy, then two weeks ago, after our plane tickets were already booked for another destination for the same time… I received an email telling me I could get tickets.  There’s always next year… and it’s suppose to be West Coast.

I’m so looking forward to 2 weeks off from daycare!


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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2 Responses to My Wonderful, Crazy Life…

  1. It sure sounds like you are staying busy there. I could honestly (and objectively) care less about Jon and Kate. I have remorse and sadness for the situations that other people’s decisions have on the lives of the innocent children…and that is the real shame here. Would this have been different if they hadn’t bene on TV…probably so…definitely so.

  2. Tenille says:

    A) I don’t want my kids to know about Jon and Kate. They love that show, and they don’t even know what divorce is yet. I don’t want them to find out like that. 😦

    B) I once went to an eye doctor (when i was having very serious problems), and after talking with me, and coming to a conclusion, he did all of his notation into a mini recorder while I was there, pausing every minute or so to ask, “Did I get that right? Anything you can add to help clarify?” I found it amazingly inclusive to know what exactly would be going into my chart, and to be part of the process.

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