Cart Pulling with the St. Bernard Club and Misc. Stuff…

On Saturday we attended a WVSBC event to learn how to cart with our dogs.  It was a fun day in the park followed by a picnic lunch with 27 people and 11 St. Bernards.


The kids really enjoyed riding in the cart behind Earthquake. He took right to pulling… which is rare for a first timer. Maybe we have a double champion in the making. 🙂

Last week the little kids and I (Kelsey + three daycare kiddos) went to the zoo with K3’s school field trip.  It was total mayhem… I swear every school and preschool was at the zoo that day.  We called it a short day because I was cranky (hubs was facing lay-off at work…which he survived, Thankfully!) and the kids were cranky… or maybe I was just cranky and didn’t have the patience for the zoo.   Anyway, here is a cute photo of Little Critter… “Look Ma, I’m almost as big as the Sun Bear”… Daddy replied… “Ha, more like half the size”.  She is definitely one small four year old. 🙂


I’ve been trying to pin down why the zoo was such a challenge for me this time… we usually really enjoy it. All I can come up with is the combined stress from hubs at work that day with other life stressors I’m dealing with (like my still ongoing inability to cope with my Mama’s passing) and the fact that the zoo was so busy I couldn’t let Little Critter get two feet away from me without losing sight of her… she is a fast little bug and she need to be able to run up to the animals and play with every information sign we pass… that just wasn’t an option on this trip. Plus having a baby in the stroller and two toddlers in the wagon made it more difficult to focus on her.

Dim Sum… how I could go for some of this right now.  Dim Sum is my absolute favorite food now… How on earth did I make it 30 years without trying it?


I’m thinking the kids will have lots of study of Asian culture this school year so that I have an excuse to visit every Dim Sum restaurant in driving distance.


I just realized I never posted about K3’s #7 Bday… Mom passed away four days after and it got lost in the mayhem to follow.

I made her a Gluten Free Castle Cake… it’s a little lopsided… but no one cared. 🙂 I cheated and used cake mixes… because I had enough to do. We used a Pamela’s Chocolate Cake mix which gets rave reviews and an Arrowhead Mills Vanilla Cake mix which gets a so-so. Our favorite Gluten Free cakes are Bob’s and Pamela’s (so far anyway). For the turrets, I rolled cones out of scrapbook paper and made flags using paper and kabob skewers. The deco sprinkles and coloring are India Tree Nature’s Colors.

The kids also enjoyed gluten free/dairy free pizza (Amy’s from the freezer section). Isn’t it enough that I had 12 girls under age 10 sleeping in my house? I was insane so the food was cheater style. 🙂


On her actual Birthday, K3 and I went to get pedicures.  She had a choice of what we would do and that was her pick.  The nice lady at the salon painted flowers on her fingers and toes.  K3 is addicted already!

In other news… my new Scentsy warmer arrived from Little Critter’s preschool fundraiser. I love it… I love that I’m not throwing soot into our air from burning candles. I don’t love that the melts are petroleum based… so I will be trying out a variety of coconut and soy based melts.

K2’s Bday is fast approaching… she will be 9.  For her 8th Bday she got her American Girl Doll, Mia… this year we are going to the Mall of America and American Girl.  Needless to say we are both very excited.  We also get to visit good friend Meg while we are there!
Now everyone is caught up with the happenings in our house…


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8 Responses to Cart Pulling with the St. Bernard Club and Misc. Stuff…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your dog is SO STINKING CUTE!!!!

    The dim sum looks good… what’s inside? I’ve never had it before.

    PS, I love the cake and the pedicure!

  2. growinemgreen says:

    i think we were at the zoo on the same day as you! i didn’t have any fun because i was a nervous wreck about the layoffs and was waiting for “THE” call. the place was packed too. the whole combo made for irritability and general frustration.

  3. Jennifer- Dim Sum has all kinds of wonderful things in side… the wait stuff pushes a rolling cart around filled with small tins of yummy goodness… I question everything… because I’m picky. 🙂 So far every variety I’ve had is fabulous… there are just veggie ones… shrimp, chicken, crab, beef, pork… I’m getting hungry just typing this!!!

    Then the dessert cart comes around and you get yummy custards in pie shells and puffy orange gooey balls rolled in coconut…

    Growinemgreen- sounds like we were there the same day considering the layoffs… though the swoosh did rolling layoffs over the course of the week. I swear the zoo invited every school for their free school learning day or whatever the heck it was!!!! I can’t wait to go back on a less busy day this summer and really enjoy the animals… and what the heck was with so many exhibits being closed? I LOVE the monkeys… sheesh!

  4. That is so cool with the cart…my wife would be terrified a cat or a squirrel woudl run by and we’d lose a kid or two…and the dog…and the cart.

  5. MTAE- this dog wouldn’t take off chasing anything… he does love yet to play with our cat, but he is so calm and generally well behaved. I say generally because he does do some naughty things… but we won’t go there or it will spoil my good mood!

  6. Victor says:

    Wow, lucky kids indeed – I’d say a very lucky dog also. He must be so extremely happy! Where did you buy the cart?Where can i get a cart like yours????????????I would love to try this with my dog, I’m sure my son would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We would love to learn how to cart with our saints as well.can you tell us where to find the information.

  8. We aren’t involved with this any longer. . . if you look up your local St. Bernard club/group you should be able to find contact information. Good luck!

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