It’s Been Quiet Around Here

Well, on the blog anywhere… it’s not quiet in the least at my house.

I’ve been fairly quiet because my husband was traveling AGAIN and I was in essence, Home Alone… that is if you don’t count the five children, 2 cats and one giant dog I live with and the dozen or so straggler children in and out throughout the day.  I was tempted to post on several occasions but was sure I’d give away my husband free status and isn’t that the golden rule of blogging???? Never… EVER talk about husband being gone until after he is safely back home.

Hubs was in Taiwan and then went over to Indonesia… at the end of his trip he spent two days on the beautiful white beaches in Bali.  Yes, I am jealous.

So, what did I do while he was gone?  I started my days around 5 am and ended them somewhere close to midnight.  I got up, cleaned the floor (this is a must do first thing in the morning because of the giant muddy dog), greeted daycare kiddos as they arrive, chased my kids out of bed and into clothes, made breakfast for 7-8 kids, packed 4 lunches, sent kids off to school, started crafts and preschool activities with the little kids, made, fed and cleaned up snack, entertained little kids for hours on end, made lunch, cleaned up lunch, put kids down for naps, washed laundry, made beds, cleaned the floor (for the second time in the day), changed at least 12 diapers, wake kids up from nap, put away nap mats and blankets,  make, feed and cleanup afternoon snack, entertain kids some more, greet my kids as they get home from school, give them a snack, threaten lives if they don’t do chores, help with homework (which means getting the calculator out because I don’t want to think THAT much), start something for dinner, greet parents and give reports as daycare kids head home, clean up toys for the uptenth time in one day, keep an eye on my kids as they are running in and out of the house, riding bikes and tracking in mud and neighborhood kids, feed and clean up dinner, break up a zillion arguments, start showers/baths… remind them to brush their teeth for the hundredth time, say prayers and get them tucked in… sit down to breathe for five minutes, clean floor again, fold laundry, plan tomorrow, take a shower and fall into bed.  Then, just as I fall into slumberland… someone wakes up.  We had fevers, ear aches, sore throats… then the dog decided he didn’t like Daddy being gone so once the kids are settled AGAIN, he wakes up… paces through the house with his long, loud claws clip-clopping all over my wood floors… pushing my door open and sticking his giant head in my face.

Needless to say… I didn’t get much sleep and I’m overjoyed that hubs is back home. (For reasons other than being exhausted… though that’s part of it!).

I think (fingers crossed) that everyone is healthy now… though I’m a bit worried because Little Critter has been complaining of a headache since yesterday morning and just not quite herself.  She’s already had this bug (several of them in fact) that is going around, so I’m hoping this isn’t the start of sickies again!

In the future…

This upcoming weekend is K3’s 7th Birthday (where, oh where has the time gone?)… we are hosting our FIRST EVER SLUMBER PARTY.  YIKES… oh, wait, I’m THRILLED at the prospect of having 14 (yes, I said FOURTEEN) 7 to 9 year old girls in my house overnight.

You may want to send out a rescue party if I haven’t posted by Monday. Wish me luck.


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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2 Responses to It’s Been Quiet Around Here

  1. You see! My life isn’t so busy after all. I wouldn’t trade for a second.

    You can post about your husband being gone IF you mention, in the same post, about your gun ownership and your marksmanship awards along with the possibility of “that time of the month” coming…

    No one would risk that combination (add the five kids and animals) of combustable attributes by coming to your town, let alone to your house.

  2. MTAE… as always you crack me up.

    My life is currently MAKING ME BONKERS. Seriously. I feel my brain cells dieing by the minute!

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