I’ve been neglectful in my bloggy duties.  Shame Shame.

So, what have we been up to?

I have my four year old, 2-2 year olds (boy and girl) and an 8 month old at home with me ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.  My days start at 5:30 am and end sometime around 6pm (when the last one goes home, though my day doesn’t really end until 11pm when I fall into bed).   I must admit… we have a schedule and the routine is working well… but this still wears me out.

I find it hard to get online… even when the kiddos are all napping as they are now.  There is always toys to pick up, floors to scrub, dishes to wash, snacks to plan…

Today, I made the HUGE mistake of letting them get the Moon Sand out and play on the floor.  BAD IDEA.  VERY BAD IDEA.  The toddlers and my three girls all hopped right in… I ended up sweeping everything into a pile and dumping it in the garbage.  At least on the table dog hair doesn’t get mixed in and we can sweep it off the ledge of the table and back into the containers.  I hate Mood Sand… though the kids all love it and at least it doesn’t stick to the floor like Play Dough.


It’s Spring Break… we aren’t doing anything because I have other peoples  kids.  🙂  OH, and everyone has had this pukey bug.  Yeah… that’s a blast.  Anyone know what massive amounts of projectile vomit sound like when it strikes wood flooring?   Let me just say, the noise is enough to wake one from sound sleep and catapult you out of bed.

Jennifer asked how K2’s hearing was doing… I think its improving, but not back to normal.  We will give it a couple more weeks before having the audiologist run tests.  I think she needs her adenoids out (she snores LOUDLY, sleep walks, sleep talks and has night terrors) which may help with the inflammation/fluid that is most likely the culprit with the hearing loss.  Time will tell.

The water people are tearing up my road… evidently someone forget to mention that its Spring break and my childrens’ absolute favorite thing to do is ride their bicycles.  Except they can’t because there are several pieces of heavy equipment, dump trucks and giant, gapping holes in the ground.  Oh, they also won’t let us on or off the road… seriously, it took me thirty minutes today.  Our road is about 20 houses long… it’s a nice, quiet, dead end road that backs up to the school football field.  We chose this road for the kids… it’s not like we are living on some main road where one expects all this craziness.

K-Man’s room is finally finished… it took forever to get the border here… then we found one in a local store and canceled the online order.  He wanted “turf green” walls… and he got them.  I found the baseball rug on clearance for seven dollars and change… I just saw a larger area rug in multi sport at Target… may have to cough up the $80 to get it… these floors are COLD.

Photobucket Camera phone + low light = hazy photo… all well.

Photobucket Close up of the border.

Photobucket Lucky boy got the room with built ins… I made the curtains and a matching pillow case.


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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4 Responses to Derelict

  1. Moon sand is indeed VERY COOL…but not to have in the house. What were you thinking?!?!?!??!

  2. Tenille says:

    Ugh, moon sand. NEVER AGAIN.

  3. What was I thinking INDEED. It was insane. I love the concept… I detest the cleanup.

    I still have lots of unopened packages and they will be banished to play on the deck.

  4. Hey i really impressed by reading the article. Excellent info.

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