The Post Where She Toots Her Own Horn

I don’t usually talk a lot about myself on here… not in the way many blogs do. After all, isn’t having a blog in and of itself a bit narcissistic? We are suppose to talk about ourselves. You all have the basics… I’m a Mom. I write about the kids A LOT (sorry for all the pictures people, but come on, those kids are FREAKING adorable). I write about what we are eating and sometimes I even do a real review for a product some marketing guru has sent to me. Today, I’m gonna talk about ME. Why is that? Well, because I’m feeling kind of blue and need a little pick me up. 🙂

There isn’t a whole lot of fascinating stories I can share involving other people because I have no life am a stay at home Mom (for future reference abbreviated to SAHM). This Mama is the President of our local Parent Teacher Club. That sounds pretty cool, right? Not so much, what it really means is that I get to delegate do everything myself. I get to deal with people who give off “I don’t like you” vibes because they resent what I’m doing… I get to deal with “Jamie can handle it” when really Jamie wants YOUR HELP. But I do this for a reason. ONE- I want to homeschool my children, I don’t because Hubs isn’t on board and I do question my ability to focus (and keep them focused) enough to learn something. Then other peoples oh so reasonable comments come to mind, “Know any Doctors (astronauts, presidents, etc…) who were homeschooled?” I don’t care what my kids do when they grow up (Oh, My, Do they really have to grow up? It’s killing me) (If you have any super wonderful stories about so and so who went on to do xyz after being homeschooled, PLEASE share. I’d love to be able to throw back with “yes I do know homeschoolers who…” and I know they are out there!). TWO- I have a need to be in the know. So by doing the PTC thing, I’m there constantly. Everyone knows me. I’m not known as an individual so much as “so and so’s Mom” but I’m okay with that. THREE- I want to feel like I’m doing something important. FOUR- I’m a glutton for punishment. FIVE- I’m sure there are a million other reasons but I haven’t had enough coffee to think that in depth this morning.

I also am the “hospitality coordinator” at our church (whatever does that mean?). Basically it means I make sure there are cookies (or other goodies) and coffee out every week. It’s a simple job without a whole lot of meaning to it. But it does get me there week after week, even when I’m feeling like not getting out of bed that morning. I’ve also taken on the responsibility of coordinating Vacation Bible School (once again, what was I thinking?), luckily I have a wonderful group of ladies who want to help with this endeavor. I want to do so much more, but I remind myself that I will end up burnt out if I take on too much. I’ll step up and help with just about anything if I know the need is there.

I baked bread yesterday… yummy (gluten free) bread. It was my first attempt and it turned out beautifully. I’m thrilled to pieces. Now I will have to bake a loaf at least once a week. Today I’m tackling regular bread for the other peeps in our house. I love to bake but I’ve never been a big fan of baking bread (we don’t have a bread machine) because it takes so long. I’m a needs quick gratification person when it comes to a project (sewing projects sit unfinished forever if I can’t wrap them up in a couple hours). Waiting and watching for my bread to rise… well, that’s just not really my cup of tea. But I’m making it my mission. Consider this a self improvement project. (Recipe and photos up later!).

I’m NOT a good dog handler. Remember that big dog we have? Earthquake… he’s a good dog as far as dogs go. He’s a DARN BIG DOG. He is also an AKC Registered Show Quality Doggie… which means we are planning to show him (showing = champion= stud fees= recouping some of the upkeep cost). I took him to a handling class a couple weeks ago. I was nearly in tears. He is big, my body ached for days. I was shown up by fellow classmates that are oh, maybe 16 and have it down. (Evidently they also have dogs already trained and shown by their parents and they are learning junior showmanship, but still.) I could almost laugh at this experience except I was so incredibly frustrated by it… I thought the instructor was kind of a (insert adjective beginning with a B here). I want hubs (or someone) to do a few classes with EQ so he figures out what he is suppose to do, then I will take over and learn my part. Trying to train a dog that nearly outweighs me when neither of us knows what we are doing just isn’t working in my world. Did I mention I’m not really a dog person?

Okay… that’s enough for now. Gotta get that bread recipe up because peeps are twittering me asking for it!


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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4 Responses to The Post Where She Toots Her Own Horn

  1. Although our lives are very diffeent, they have a very similat tone to them don’t they?

    Other than me eating real food and you eating twigs and, uh….twigs!!!!!!!

  2. Karen Joy says:

    I will get back to this, and comment more thoroughly, but I had to tell you (a college football fan) that Tim Tebow was homeschooled for his entire 12+ years. (University of FL quarterback, 2007 Heisman trophy winner.)

  3. Karen Joy says:

    Me again!! There is LOTS of info on the web about accomplished homeschoolers. However, the most comprehensive list I found of famous and/or accomplished homeschooled people and/or famous/accomplished adults who are hs’ing their own kids is here:

    The list includes athletes (including NASCAR driver and homeschooling father Darrell Waltrip and NFL defensive end six-time Pro Bowl Jason Taylor and MANY Olympians), authors (including Eragon author Christopher Paolini), business successes (like Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, who is homeschooling his daughter), academians, musicians (including Garth Brooks), actors (and actors/actresses who are homeschooling their own kids, like Will & Jada Smith and the Jolie-Pitts)… the list goes on.

  4. glutenfree4goofs says:

    I’m so glad you “toot your own horn”! I came over from karen’s blog, she commented that you are trying out sourdough bread. I enjoyed your “ranting” if I may call it that, because I’ve been feeling that way lately too. I can’t seem to drink enough coffee to function, the kids are running a muck and in my case hubby doesn’t understand why I am upset that my 4mo baby is now having to be supplimented with goat milk. At least he is on board with the homeschooling but that in itself it another story. Ha, I know what you mean about showing, I have been through that whole fun with horses, gotta love the parents. Anyhow I guess what I’m saying is hang in there spring is coming! About your bread my starter is simply water and flour, sometimes now I use different flour but it definately is gathering friendly bacteria from the air and the yeast is active. I have not came up with a satisfactory bread recipe yet but will try rolls tomorrow.

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