Food, Glorious Food

Why is it in the normal course of things, I don’t think about food often.  I do enjoy it though, in whatever form I desire.  That said, since I started on this reduced calorie and low fat plan (to compliment Alli), I think about food all the time.

And I’m HUNGRY.  I’m eating good meals… but a couple hours later I’m starving again.  What the heck?

Last night for dinner we had tortellini with shrimp and alfredo, joined by a saute of organic carrots and green beans and finished off with chilled, canned pears.  I was full and satisfied after dinner.  But two hours later I was HUNGRY.  The kind of hunger that keeps you awake at night.  (Exactly ONE serving of tortellini and half a serving of reduced fat alfredo, shrimp has almost NO FAT which rocks. I never knew I liked shrimp so much.)

Oh, I’m also peeing like crazy.

I can only relate all this to retained water loss and increase in metabolism from my new way of life.  Who knows…

That said, I’ve done really well so far (though it’s only been 5 days).  I’m journaling everything I eat or drink (note to self, drink more water).  I’ve never stuck so closely or had this good of a start to any diet change in the past.

Oh, and I just happen to be reading a book right now that seems very fitting…

Jen Lancaster’s – Such a Pretty Fat (Seriously, Another Memoir) (One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover If Her Life Makes Her A** Look Big or Why Pie Is Not the Answer).

Heh… it’s a funny book, I picked it up at Costco without knowing much about it… the title (s) made me laugh.  Now I’m going to be forced to round up her other books.

BTW… I don’t own a scale and I don’t subscribe to the theory that pounds matter.  I honestly don’t care what I weigh, I just want to feel better.  So, I’m using inches as a baseline, with how my clothing fits as an indicator in between measurements.  I’ve not decided how often to measure yet, but I started out with a baseline of 10 areas. (I do have a general pound loss goal, based on my estimated weight… but it’s not a set in stone number.)  I’m shooting for a 20 lb loss in 100 days.  I’m not sure how this will work out in inches lost, I do know that it should see at least one decrease in clothing size.

Oh, and my husband is in the dog house… he is a football build kind of guy.  And he constantly complains about wanting/needing to lose 50 lbs or so.  He also has medical reasons for paying attention to his diet.  However, not only is he NOT doing anything about it… Last night he wanted to bake up some of the freezer cookie dough from the kids fundraiser this Fall.  I’m all “Oh No You Don’t”.  If he was perfectly healthy and svelte or whatever then I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad.  Except that I’m trying to lose weight MOSTLY BECAUSE OF HIM.  So, if I’m working hard to get trim and fit for his pleasure, why the heck is he sabotaging it?!?!?!?!  I like cookies (and all baked goods), the smell of them baking in the house would likely send me over the edge.  I told him that if we did well all week, then maybe on the weekend we could reward ourselves with a freshly baked cookie… but if I fall of the bandwagon now, there’ll be no getting back on.


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3 Responses to Food, Glorious Food

  1. I probably lost 15-20 pounds and then I reached the place I should maintain adn now my wife has taken over the fight. She has gotten below the weight she was before she had our second child. No special diet for her, less snacks more fiber…normal stuff.

    There was no pressure from me, but she definitely starting feeling it on her own.

  2. Karen Joy says:

    I seriously do not want to make you more upset at your husband, but this post (and a couple previous) makes me a little baffled… If he wants you so thin, why isn’t he doing anything to help? And, why isn’t he participating??? My hubby wants me fit, more than thin, and I’m not either right now. But, he’s the opposite of your hubby — when he starts thinking about MY weight, it drives HIM to exercise. He started taking the stairs at work (four flights), up and down. He started his own little workout routine at home (crunches, push ups, etc.). He started eating less. And, of course, in about three weeks (only slight exaggeration), he lost 10 lbs and has noticeably more muscle mass. IOW, it’s EASIER for guys to lose weight than it is for us ladies. So far, my desire to get back in shape is just that… a desire. I keep thinking, “OK, when Fiala starts sleeping through the night, and I’m not so stinkin’ exhausted in the morning, I’ll start walking/running again.” Hopefully, that IS what I’ll do. ~sheesh~ Sorry this is so long. ALL OF THAT TO SAY, seriously, pray about it. Pray that your husband will join you in your efforts and do things that are kind, helpful and encouraging, instead of sabotaging you. 😦 There have been so many things about which I’m frustrated or discouraged about my hubby and I just start praying, and whaddya know, his heart turns. At least give it a try.

  3. Nancy says:

    Have you tried doing “The Zone” with your diet? Zoning makes it easy to get from one meal to the next, and it’s very healthy. A doctor named Sears developed the diet, and it’s really easy. You can pick up a book on it at a used bookstore, no need to buy new. And no need to be hungry all the time.

    I did find that I peed a lot when I was losing weight, and so did my husband. But it’s still something to watch, since it’s a symptom of diabetes.

    Good luck.

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