Oh, How We Had Snow…

Now that it is gone, I can write about it.

We live on the West Side of a mountain. Not a big mountain, actually not a mountain at all by Oregon standards (where if it’s not covered in snow 365, it’s not a mountain). But still, it is called a mountain. That puts us closer to 1,000 feet elevation where many of our neighbors sit on or close to the valley floor. Someday, perhaps we will live on the East side of this mountain, where you have views of REAL mountains (Hood, St. Helens, Adams, Jefferson & Rainier).

Anyway, enough of my pipe dreams… on this side of the mountain we just had snow.

Our “Bat” House…


(Not MY house…. just one I LOVE.)


Earthquake was right at home in all that snow.


There’s a Prius under there.

The big truck got stuck… in our driveway. Days before it went into the ditch… Thankfully other truck owners are kind and helped drag us out! Mostly we were stuck at home for two weeks… we made a couple runs to the nearby market but otherwise stayed close to home.

Hubs and I ordered Christmas gifts for each other from REI, they were set to be delivered via UPS on the 24th. UPS decided they couldn’t deliver so we still don’t have our boxes. The weather has been clear since Friday. WHAT THE HECK? So, on the 24th the tracking said “out for delivery”, then nothing. We figured they wimped out. On Saturday, FedEx dropped my other package off… the road was clear enough for them. The mail lady was on our road EVERY SINGLE DAY. We didn’t miss even one day of USPS service because of the weather. But that UPS? Oh, they can’t make it. The 29th was Monday and it was also my birthday… UPS tracking said the packages would arrive that day. Nothing. Then tracking said the 30th. Nothing. Then late last night the tracking changed to EXCEPTION… and claimed a weather exception and that delivery would resume once the weather cleared. Um, HELLO… the weather has been clear since the 26th. I want my freaking packages! BTW, we’ve seen UPS trucks out here on Monday and Tuesday, they just aren’t bringing our stuff. Whatever.

I’m so glad the snow and ice is gone and we are back to 40 degrees and rain.  This is why we live in Oregon.


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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One Response to Oh, How We Had Snow…

  1. If that WAS your house…you’d be very close to having some uninvited guests. But you could almost fill up that house with your clan!

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