I Love My Kids… Really, I Do.

Let’s be honest here.  I absolutely adore my children.  I adore being a Mommy.  However there are days when I wonder why the heck I did this… and I’ve realized that there are certain things I don’t always like about my children.  As there are things I don’t like about myself.

I had surgery Friday morning.  Again. That makes twice in four months.  I’m on a roll or something.  It made me cranky and irritable.  It made me short fused with my crew.

I’ve realized I can’t stand it when…

My oldest daughter CONSTANTLY corrects her siblings.  Over everything.  I’ve tried and tried to talk with her about his and how people don’t like a KNOW IT ALL.  I’m praying its just a phase and that I don’t pull all my hair out in the meantime.

My son does things like say “Dad” every 15 seconds.  The other night, the two boys were having male bonding time (meaning they were playing Lego Starwars on the Wii).  K-Man was all, “Dad go here”, “Dad”, “Dad do this”, “Look Dad”.  I was ready to scream.  We all know who he is so why must you say it every time you speak?

My 6 yo girl takes 3 minutes to get one phrase out of her mouth because she is too busy twiddling and being distracted.  Just say it already, then go do whatever else has your attention.

My 3 yo speaks for the entire time we are in the car.  Not kidding.  It’s not even like she is actually talking to anyone.  She sings, makes odd noises, squawks, screams, etc… the entire time we are driving anywhere.  This is particularly obnoxious on long car rides.

Then I remind myself how much I love them… even when they are driving me crazy.

Lately, L.C. is on a hatching tree thing (hatching sounds like patching coming from her little mouth).  I don’t know what else to call it.  My precocious little three year old tells this LONG story about how she is looking for her hatching tree (one of the things she does over and over and over in the car).  Her hatching tree is in Hawaii evidently.  She was born in the hatching tree with her Mommy Birdy (who isn’t me).  Oh, and she was a boy when she was born and her name was Bella.  After she hatched out, she crawled out of the tree and all the way to Mommy (who is me) and became a baby.

That Little Critter has quite the imagination. 🙂

Surgery went well, I guess… as well as can be expected anyway.  Time will tell if it actually resolved the issue.  I’m starting to get out of my bad mood funk (and my overwhelming desire to smash things… like glasses in the kitchen sink).  So the kids are driving me crazy closer to a normal amount instead of the overwhelming amount of the past week.

Tomorrow we are going after the Christmas tree.  I’ve ordered up a Tall, Skinny, Noble this year.  Here’s to hoping we can find one out in the field.

Then Monday night we will all decorate it while enjoying hot cocoa… the homemade kind, cuz that’s the kind of Mom I am usually.


About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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5 Responses to I Love My Kids… Really, I Do.

  1. All girls correct their siblings. This is natural and it is what makes them nagging…er…uh…loving and caring wives.

    I hope you are afforded at least SOME rest. Having your routine thrown off balance can’t be helping things at all!

    Hope the surgery worked and that you are back to “normal” soon.

  2. jenefur says:

    Hey, my kid sounds like all of yours rolled into one. LOL

    Please feel better and don’t hurt anyone in the meantime. 🙂

  3. All the kids survived. 🙂

    I never realized how obnoxious it is when girls are being girls! Good grief… I hope I wasn’t like that growing up!

  4. charmaine says:

    Oh isn’t it funny how such things are so endearing in OTHER people’s children! 😉
    My 6 yr old does ALL of those things. When she was 3 she used to tell me that before she was born to me she was a pink elephant, and that she had learned everything she knew at “baby school”…in other words she had learned NOTHING from me. (sigh)

  5. Karen Joy says:

    I think, most often, oldest=bossy. It’s a birth order thing. It’s not just girls, either. My 11yo son (oldest) does indeed drive me absolute nuts w/ his bossiness. However, I’ve distilled the issue… I’ve told him that, one day, his desire for things to be right, and his concern for what others do, and his ability to discern when things are “off” will all go into making him an excellent leader some day. However, right now, all he would make is an excellent tyrant, because he hasn’t yet developed a value for the feelings and worth of others, and a genuine concern for them, not just that they do things right. So. I feel it’s my responsibility as a mother to steer him down a path of… sensitive bossiness, if that makes sense. I want to help him develop his leadership tendencies, but also (and, right now, most importantly) help him see the value of others, practice loving others, being kind to others, etc. KWIM? If we work on the kindness part right now, which certainly does not come naturally to him, then the bossiness part will be checked by better priorities.

    Hope that makes sense.

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