Seven Random Things Meme


I’ve been tagged for this Seven Random Things Meme from Karen over at Only Sometimes Clever. I first found Karen, oh so long ago while searching online for a GF Sugar Cookie recipe. I liked hers and started following her blog. I know consider her among my online/bloggy friends, she recently welcomed baby #5, Fiala into her world. Like Karen, I don’t usually follow rules (aren’t they made to bend anyway?). So here is my version. And for more interesting facts about me… visit my previous post Little Known Things About Me.

Random Thing #1- I am the President of our schools Parent Teacher Club. That equals a lot of work and a lot of rewards.

Random Thing #2- I want more babies. I love babies and being a Mom. Doubt I will get anymore, but that doesn’t change the wanting.

Random Thing #3- I am a Mac Geek… well, a geek in general. Love all things Apple, Inc.

Random Thing #4- Typos make me CRAZY. Seriously. I’m the girl on IM who always corrects myself. I’ll blame it on my former English Teacher, Mr. Hogan who was awesome.

Random Thing #5- I loved High School. Weird, I know. I’d go back and do it all over again (probably with a few minor changes). It was a great time.

Random Thing #6- I’m VERY environmental but more moderate (I won’t be chaining myself to a tree) and I believe that a moderate stance is more likely to attract others to being Earth Friendly. Afterall, one attracks more Bees with Honey, right? Speaking of Bees… where are they all going?

Random Thing #7- I yell when I am stressed (which seems more and more frequently) and then I feel terribly guilty about it. It’s my number one, working on, point.

Now, who to link for this fabulous, informative Meme?

Steve who makes me laugh daily… and that’s what I need!

Eileen, we share different political views but similar views on so many other things.

Tenille (who just welcomed baby M into their family)

Meg @ The Earth Friendly Shoppe (since you are sans blog, leave it in the comments!) Who is having an AWESOME Earth Friendly Holiday Sale right now.

Jennifer who will be welcoming Baby #3 in a few months time.

Darcy who has been a tremendous help in this Autism Spectrum/Delay world.

I’m stopping with the six of you. Anyone else want to jump on? Leave yours in the comments.

About PolkaDotMommy

Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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5 Responses to Seven Random Things Meme

  1. I bet our views are much closer than you think. We’re just over the line on each side. Maybe we cross over the lines often?

    I hate to surround myself with people with exact views. It makes me think they are just changing to please me.

    I’m also glad that you still like me with all of my typos!

  2. I think “Mac Dork” is the appropriate term!

  3. @ Eileen… I don’t believe in “exact views” mine are moderate and therefore NEVER an extreme. 🙂 We probably do cross over often!

    @MTAE… nope, geek, not DORK. Dork’s aren’t cute. 🙂

  4. meg says:

    Ok here goes:
    1. I’d rather stay home and watch movies with my DH than go out with a bunch of nosiy, gossipy women.
    2. I loved HS too. We would have had fun if we went to school together.
    3. I really hate shopping. Clothes, shoes, groceries, all of it.
    4. I am horrible at math and failed MANY math classes in HS and college. For some reason, though, I always worked in a position that dealt with high level math, formulas and code. Weird. And that job as a Finance Manager at Galyans in ’98- wow I really pulled one over on them.
    5. When I was rugs in the washing machine, I always ruin them and end up with rug pieces all over my washer. You’d think I’d learn my lesson.
    6. I love my DH but wish I had my own bed.
    7. I was once a raft guide, and it was a blast! I would be too chicken to do it now.

    There you have it- very random as my laptop battery is out of juice!

  5. meg says:

    See #5 typo- I did that on purpose to bug you!

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