Halloween Wrap-Up

Now that Halloween is over, we can all start thinking about Christmas!  (GAG).  Seriously, I love Christmas, but I need one Holiday at a time people!  At least Thanksgiving doesn’t require too much thought other than making some festively decorated (recycled) cardboard boxes and donating them and a turkey or two to the church for Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets. 


I had 38 children in my house (plus a handfull of Moms, a Dad, a Teacher and several babies) on Halloween afternoon.  The kids had a school inservice day and were bummed at not having their normal Halloween huba-loo at school.  So sucker crazy wonderful Mom planned a party.  I over invited, because that’s what is to be done if you want a good turn out.  We had only ONE child not come to the party.  Our house was brimming, but everyone had a great time. (Other than the few who ran around the back of the house and encountered some GIANT Earthquake Poo). 


We served Jack O Lantern Pizzas (I cheated and bought take and bake, and only made ONE GFCF pizza from scratch), popcorn balls, chocolate crispy bar treats, sugar cookies, and not jello jigglers.


Popcorn balls… I got the idea from Mindful Momma. We used my homemade agave marshmallow recipe, air popped popcorn, and regular candy corn.

Chocolate Crispy Treats… we used EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crisp cereal, Earth Balance Margarine and homemade marshmallows.


These yummy GFCF Ghost Sugar Cookies were made using a recipe from Karen over at Only Sometimes Clever (who just welcomed baby Fiala to the world, so be sure to congratulate her while you’re over there). They turned out FABULOUS. I cut the batch in half and still had about five dozen cookies. We used Earth Balance Shortening and sprinkled them with Sprinkelz Chocolate GF Sprinkles and Wholesome Sweetners Evaporated Cane Sugar.


I’m not posting party pictures because they include children which are not my own.  However, here are a couple of my cuties (wouldn’t you know, in the craziness that was my day, I missed my annual picture of my four little ones together!).


The shirt was a gift from a well meaning Grandparent that just can’t grasp the silliness in purchasing a seasonal item of clothing (which will be outgrown well before next Halloween) for a 3 year old. It’s cute… hopefully we will find a smaller child to pass it on to!  The sucker is a Yummy Earth Organic All Natural sucker, found in a 70 count bag at Whole Foods.


How’s that for a free costume? K-Man wore his football gear (as did at least 15 kids we encountered on Halloween).


K3 was a kitty. We used a long sleeved body suit and skirt from Ballet, with a pair of black leggings underneath. I did have to purchase a new set of ears and tail because my set from high school finally broke last year. This set ran $4.00 on a 40% off sale.

I have no pictures of K2 to post… they all have her girlfriends in them and I can’t put up their sweet faces without asking parents first. She was a cowgirl. Red second hand boots for $8 and a red hat for $1 added to jeans, shirt and vest we already had.

Mommy ended up being a bat of sorts. The kids liked it… but I’m not so sure. I wore ears and attached silver sheer fabric to a black shirt in an attempt to make wings. 🙂

And here is TeenGirl… this costume idea is in my FamilyFun magazine. That’s probably were I got the idea, or maybe it hit me before the magazine arrived.


She had issues with her recycling falling off the costume… I had her sew everything on because it is easy to clip the threads and remove later. And yes, everything was recycled once the costume was disassembled.


And that’s our Halloween Wrap.  Hope yours was fabulous as well. 


Today’s Green Tip:  Reuse is a grand thing.  Borrow, purchase second hand, pass on when you are done.  What you can’t reuse, please recycle.


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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7 Responses to Halloween Wrap-Up

  1. meg says:

    haha love teen girls costume! OF COURSE! you. my friend. actually bought a pizza?!?! haha! Seriously, I am convinced you never sleep! Thanks for sharing the pics, bat-girl!

  2. I know… I bought FOUR pizzas. And made one. Teengirl and I cooked/baked for 2 days to get party ready and I just couldn’t take anymore! Plus, they were a $7.99 Halloween special!!!!

  3. I love the way the tiny arms stick out of those huge pads…it make it almost impossible to catch a ball that is over your head…been there!

  4. I want to come to YOUR house next year! What a bunch of cuties and your snacks looks great.

  5. Karen Joy says:

    I seriously thought, “Those cookies look GREAT! I wonder if they’re GFCF, too?” before I saw that you had used my recipe. I’m laughing! Hehehehe! Was that the first time you had tried it?

    For someone who hates Halloween, you sure put on a party!!

  6. mamajil says:

    looks like fun!!! Great costumes! Love the recycled teen 🙂

  7. @MTAE… he cracks me up in his gear… smallest kid on the team but man can he run!

    @Eileen… come on over! The more the merrier!

    @Karen… sounds like something I would do. lol. This was the first time we used your recipe, though it is the reason I found your blog way back when. We just hadn’t gotten around to the cookies. Now they will be a frequent visitor in our kitchen!

    @mamajil… I’m all for free/reused costumes! Teengirl didn’t think hers was all that great come Halloween night because it was falling apart.

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