Happy 16th Birthday!


Today is TeenGirls 16th Birthday. *Sigh* I remember sweet 16. We’ve had a Birthday week more than a Birthday. It all started over the weekend, TeenGirl and girlfriends had a sleepover (complete with attending youth group, cake, tons of candy and movies). Today, we went to DMV so TeenGirl could take her learners permit test. She passed and it took all of 12 minutes. Since we are homeschooling, we don’t have the permit in hand yet as our state requires “enrollment verification” so I am waiting to get something signed that states she is in fact schooled by a competent adult (because why would they take a parent’s word for it?). Then I made chicken tacos for dinner and we finished up with pudding parfaits. Yummy.

Tomorrow, I am taking TeenGirl to see Disney’s High School Musical on Ice. We have box tickets and I am sure it will be a blast.

This weekend, TeenGirl gets to go visit our Mum (Cheryl who has ALS) to spend a Birthday weekend with her and our Grandparents.

When she arrives back home, her actual gift will be waiting. I won’t say what it is in case she happens to read this! But she will love it. Darn backorders anyway.

I’ve never posted a photo of TeenGirl before… these were taken on our beach trip. In the first photo, she is helping protect my Little Critter from getting sucked out to sea by a sneaker wave (cuz I’m a paranoid Mama). She gave me permission to show her face (and I asked because I respect her teenage privacy, see how nice I am?).


I have some actual Birthday photos… but haven’t uploaded them onto the Mac yet.

In addition to 16 years, we are also celebrating 9 months in remission now!  Yay!

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5 Responses to Happy 16th Birthday!

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  3. Happy Birthday…errr…Birthweek to TeenGirl.

    High School Musical on Ice? Disney is a marketing machine!

  4. Meaghan says:

    We are having our first giveaway drawing tomorrow. If you haven’t entered yet make sure you do.

    To celebrate the launching of my new online coffee shop I am giving away 1 lb of coffee every Friday in October.


    If you are interested in getting money for the cancer charity of your choice for an entire year visit us at:


  5. sweet16store says:

    I hope her sweet 16th turned out to be great. I hope the driving thing goes well. I’ve been biting my fingers since my daughter got her license.

    You’re right. Back orders stink but atleast the beach you are on is spectacular!

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