My Daughter The Sleepwalker… And Other Personality Traits

My oldest girl, K2 is an adorable eight year old. We deal with normal eight year old stuff, a bit of snottiness and lots of bossiness. Mostly she is snuggly and loves to play house with her siblings, ride bikes (although she still loves her much too small Barbie bike over her bright, shiny, BIG, new bike) and brush AG Mia’s hair. K2 is also a SLEEPWALKER. This causes me a great deal of grief. How is a Mom to sleep when I am worried about my beautiful daughter wondering around the house in a state of nonwakefullness?

Often this sleep walking goes hand in hand with night terrors so there is some crying and thrashing to let me know she is up and about. Last night, my bedroom door knob started slowly turning and I got up to see who it was. K2 was standing at the door, not awake. I started talking to her because I thought she was awake and needed something. I put my arm around her and she just slumped against me as I led her back to bed and tucked her under the covers.

Then I came back out to double check the deadbolts and place dining chairs in front of the doors. I need some noise to alert me if she tries to go outside!

Thankfully this only happens once a month or so. But geeze oh pete! Just stay in your bed please!

On another note… our oldest boy, eight year old K-Man gets the personality trait of whiny kid. The slightest sore throat and we have drama and tears. We are trying to toughen him up a bit all the while I am making him tea and cocoa and passing out the all natural cough drops. He’s also the anti-sharing kid. Plays GREAT with his sisters, but don’t expect to share a restaurant meal or anything (even though he will only eat half), so we are working on this. He is turning into a great little Football player, so I don’t think the slight whininess is going to pose any lifelong drama. 🙂

Then there is the six year old girl, K3. She is Miss. Attitude. Lately there has been a lot of defiance kind of anger about her diet and wanting to eat like everyone else. Heck, I can’t blame her there. In general, she is the girl with the defiant attitude. “I don’t want to” and therefore, I’m not going to regardless of what you say. Good times. 🙂

Oh and that TeenGirl. She went to bed without cleaning the kitchen AGAIN. I could beat her (if I was that kind of Mom). TeenGirl has ONE responsibility (other than school) and that is the kitchen. It is to be clean. End of discussion. She is 16 in a week, so this should be a manageable task. And yet, we constantly battle over the kitchen. GAH.


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3 Responses to My Daughter The Sleepwalker… And Other Personality Traits

  1. I’ll beat my boy as a substitute for your 15 year old girl…he has surely done something to warrant the beating.

  2. charmaine says:

    I’ve read that sleepwalking (as well as bedwetting) can be linked to food allergies. My oldest daughter was a sleepwalker and a bedwetter (don’t tell her I told you that!), but at 15 she doesn’t wet the bed anymore and almost never sleepwalks anymore either. It stopped when she was around 12.

  3. Did you know my girl is a sleepwalker? Yep! She rarely cries though. Sometimes I wake up and she’s just standing over me. Once, when I was out of town, she cameinto our room and rounded the wall toward the office. Subconsiously she’s used to me being there way too alte at night–like now!–and she pretty much yelled, “Hello? Anybody there?”

    She never remembers a thing! Her daddy sleeptalks, but hasn’t done the walking thing. Can you imagine??

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