Where Have I Been?

I’m so tired I could poke my eyeballs out with chopsticks. Since school started, our time has gone something like this:

6am- wake up, dress kids, comb hair, make breakfast, pack lunches, forget to eat anything myself, send hubby off to work (with his lunch packed and an egg/bagel sandwich)…

7:20 am- leash dog, hussle kids out the door to wait for the bus. Attempt to hold onto 3 year old and 70 lb puppy who wants to know why his kids are getting on that big, yellow thing.

7:35 am – As we walk back in the house, the cat escapes. Spend 20 minutes chasing her so she doesn’t end up dead on the road like her friend.

7:55 am – Come back in, vacuum floor and put wash in, Little Critter demands a snack. Because, it’s been like an hour since she had breakfast and she might die of starvation.

8:00 am – C arrives. She is 3 years old and I have been helping her parents out by watching her for a few hours each day. The theory is that it will benefit both girls to play together. Instead they argue over the baby strollers (of which I brought TWO out), both want to ride the wheel-pony at the same time (which L.C. has not played with in at least a year) and enjoy tugging on the dog’s ears.

9:00 am – Rustle Little Critter into her ballet clothes (and pray she doesn’t stain or rip them before we get to class), search for her ballet slippers because in the last five minutes she has ran off and left them somewhere, pack snacks, locate shoes and sippy cups.

9:30 am – Load the girls into the carseats… try to avoid tears over long hair under straps and fights over “her touched me.”

10:00 am – Arrive at Ballet class, breath as I send one into the classroom and only have one to contend with. C is a pretty quiet girl, so she sits on my lap (as I’m cross legged on the floor) and puts my legs/feet to sleep.

11:00 am – Load back in the carseats and head for home. Pull over no less than 3 times because one of the kids is trying to squirm out of the buckle, has their feet on the other or has dropped some vitally necessary item.

11:30 am – Scramble some eggs, top it with Rice cheese and salsa, call it lunch.

12:00 pm – Little Critter is snuggled in her bed. Sleeping. Yay. We’ve had many a day where sleep never comes and she screams and kicks for two hours instead. C doesn’t nap, thankfully plays quietly with the dog (both the real one and the toy one she likes to have on sad mode, so it cries constantly).

12:30 pm- Vacuum (for only the second time today), move laundry- washer to dryer, new in the washer, dryer to table, which will hopefully manage to be folded at some point today.

1:40 pm – C’s Mom arrives to take her home. We visit for a while like always. I look around at how much more housecleaning I need to do. Has it only been an hour since I last vacuumed? Darn dog, darn kids!

2:00 pm – Run errands. Depends on the day, this has been a Doctor appointment, hitting the post office and market, exchanging Ballet and Tap shoes for the correct size, taking clothes to exchange at the resale shop.

3:30 pm – Kids get off the bus. All Heck breaks lose. 🙂 Encourage the crew to follow their checklist BEFORE crying for a snack and friends to come play. (The checklist includes- placing homework folder on counter, cleaning out their Laptop Lunch Boxes, putting shoes away, picking up bedroom and changing out of school clothes.)

4:00 pm- Feed everyone a snack. Remind them they must put those shoes away (change out of school clothes before playing in the mud, feed the animals, scoop the litter box, etc…). Chase them out of the house. Yes, you can walk down to see if your friends can play but Teengirl must go with you. No, you can’t make mud pies while you are still wearing your school shoes.

4:30 pm- Get something started for dinner. Of course, I have forgotten to stick to my menu and be prepared for dinner. I have no idea what to cook. When all else fails, rice and hamburger gravy goes over well.

5:00 pm – Oregon Dad gets home, get kids to wash hands, set table, say prayers and eat.

5:20 pm – Yell for the 500th time to get in your SPORTS CLOTHES NOW or you will be late for your game. Luckily soccer games are only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Football practice is five days a week with games on Saturday, on Tuesday and Friday we also have Ballet class at 4:15 PM.

5:30 pm – Load kids into two separate vehicles so Oregon Dad and I can get them to their events. Run back inside for forgotten water bottles, cleats, snacks, etc…

8:00 pm – Oh, look we are home. I feel like I haven’t seen my husband all day. Chase kids to bed (they should have already been there), hurry other kids through homework if we haven’t already squeezed it in earlier and send to the showers. Pray I have everyone sleeping by 9 pm.

9:00 pm – Finally sit down and open my laptop, attempt to write. Know I have so much work to do but I am so tired I need toothpicks to prop my eyelids up. Get a post done, hopefully without any major typos or grammatical errors.

10:30 pm – Remember to check Teengirl’s work over and set her schedule for tomorrow. Cuz, I don’t have enough to do and am homeschooling her. 🙂

11:00 pm – Hit the shower and collapse into bed, where I realize, I can’t sleep.

So, you ask… where have I been writing, since I’ve been MIA from here. You can find me over at Eco Child’s Play, where I should be posting daily. I’ll try to do better at updating here as well!

How has life been for you since school/sports/activities have commenced again?


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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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6 Responses to Where Have I Been?

  1. Geez! I have to lay down just from reading that. Our schedule stays the same year round…part of the advantage of schooling at home. A two or three month break really breaks the routine and it is hard to get back on track.

  2. Meg says:

    Laughing hysterically (because of lack of sleep? no, because your post was hilarious!) I especially like “because she might die of starvation”!
    I am smiling because I now have a friend who also has to vacuum 2+ times a day~ but your vacuum is WAY cooler than mine!

  3. You guys are funny!

    I so want to homeschool all the kiddos, but Oregon Dad hasn’t agreed yet. So for now, its just Teengirl I am schooling at home. I can’t help but think my life would be a tad less stressful if I didn’t have to schedule everything around an 8-3 school schedule!

    I have a rock’n vacuum which I love so much… it even works great on my kitchen floor. Since I detest sweeping that’s awesome!

    Speaking of… I need to vacuum again. Gah!


  4. Tenille says:

    I got exhausted just reading that! I’m offically taking away your chopsticks though. We can have none of that!

    Also wondering – hamburger gravy? Can you share?

  5. Tenille… Hubby already locked the chopsticks AND the toothpicks up in the high cupboard, since I’m 5ft 1/2in, I think my eyeballs are safe for now!

    I will post the hamburger gravy recipe later today!


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