Things I Love Thursday- THE LIBRARY

Part of our summer included the library. Actually, most of our summer did. The kids all were part of the summer reading program. Mommy set a goal for the kids to each read (or be read) 30 books over the summer. K-Man and K2 read 60, K3 and LC read 37. In actuality we read a lot more but forgot to mark them off on the sheet! 🙂 I encouraged TeenGirl to pick a reasonable number and informed her it would not be 30 books. That kid has a reading issue. Give her a book and she won’t budge until completed. We are working on moderation. She made a goal of 15 books and read 21.

This week, I took the kidlets back to the library to turn in their completed sheets. The librarian gave them all verbal kudos for meeting and surpassing their goals. Then they got to pick out a book to keep as a reward for completing the program. This was a noisy, hair tearing experience. K-Man picked right away when he found “Geronimo and The Gold Medal Mystery” paperback and K-2 was pleased as punch to find “Junie B., First Grader Aloha-Ha-Ha”.

Little Critter couldn’t make up her mind and wanted ALL the books (or at least as many as her arms could hold). We nearly had a meltdown while explaining that we only get ONE book to keep but we could go over and check out TWO more!

In the meantime, I helped K3 find “Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs” by Alan Katz. This is a book that was often brought home during the last school year and enjoyed by all the children. Now we have a copy to keep.

Little Critter finally settled on an A-Z board book (despite my plea for “Harold and the Purple Crayon”). She then proceeded to sneak several books from the children’s section into our basket. She was determined to take all she could carry.

TeenGirl made her selection in about two seconds. She simply picked the FATTEST book on the Teen shelf. No joke. On the drive home, I questioned her about the book and she didn’t even know it was Sci-Fi. Heh. I informed her that as part of her home-schooling this year, she would be writing a book report on each book she reads. Maybe that will slow her down a bit. (We came home were she flopped on the couch and read “The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie” between noon yesterday and this morning. All 488 pages of it.) Now I know some of you are all, “I wish my kid would read like that.” Problem is, that’s all she wants to do. Everything else falls way down the priority list. I implemented a homework rule last year… she could spend one minute reading each day for each minute she worked on homework. She switched to holing up with her mini-DVD player to watch movies all day long. GAH.

On another note, we also are doing a Barnes & Noble Reading Program. Not sure about the book selection yet, we will turn our sheets in tomorrow.

Anyway, I LOVE the Library. I LOVE Summer Reading Programs. I LOVE getting free books for the kids.

The kids are writing their Thank you notes to the Library staff as I type this. 🙂

P.S. This Mama was also pleased to find among the free books (did I mention they were NEW books and there was a large selection?), “The Down to Earth Guide to Global Warming”. Too bad I JUST BOUGHT THAT BOOK A COUPLE WEEKS AGO.

P.P.S. A Earth loving way to enjoy books is to A) Borrow them from lending libraries and/or friends B) Go to a used book store (take them back when you are done!) C) Pass them along when you are finished, either by donating to a library or shelter, participating in a book sale or sending it on to your best friend. Another GREAT option (which we are doing for our Holiday party this year) is to ask each child bring a GENTLY used book which will then be donated to the Children’s Hospital or other worthy group. I turn this into an activity by suggesting that a child brings a book they really enjoy, then they get to share WHY they picked that book and we get to read some stories together while decorating cupcakes.

P.P.P.S. Check your local libraries and bookstores for reading programs. They rock!


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4 Responses to Things I Love Thursday- THE LIBRARY

  1. Kelsey says:

    That is awesome! Dennis did the library reading program this year and LOVED it!

  2. asdmommy says:

    Ah, Harold and the Purple Crayon. One of my favorites.

    I’m with you on the library thing. I LOVE the library. Could hang out there all day. Wish I had known there was such a thing as library science to major in while I was in college!

  3. Meg says:

    Every time I read about your library adventures I have to remind myself to get this family of mine to the library! I miss reading- too much going on these days. Oh well, some day soon I hope.
    Donating books- that is such a wonderful idea…

  4. I love my library. I also love watching parents in the library with little ones, because it brings back so many fond memories for me! (Especially since we grew up in a town with no bookstore!)

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