Making Clothing Outlast Your Kids Part III

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The stain won’t come out, you don’t want to mess with dye. Now what?

Disguise the spots!

For small stains- sew on colorful buttons or beads. Or use iron on patch/appliqués available for around a dollar at craft stores. Another option is to use fabric paint or iron on rhinestones. It’s easy to make a few spots into a sun and stars, even for those who aren’t artsy. Kids think decorating their clothing is great fun, why not start with a ruined piece of clothing and make it usable again?

For larger stains/all-over stains- make your own fabric appliqué. This is not difficult! Find the basic shape you want (use your children’s art stencils, color books or search online for templates). Cut your fabric scrap(s) out, attach to the clothing using iron-on webbing or no sew fabric glue, then stitch around the edges using a zig-zag pattern. If you want a NO SEW option, cut the pattern using pinking shears. Then attach to fabric using glue or webbing. If you intend to stitch around the edges, you will get the best edge finish if you fold under and iron the edges prior to attaching the appliqué.

If your girls are outgrowing their skirt and pant hems, add a colorful fabric ruffle to the bottom. This is particularly cute if you add some matching appliqués on the clothing as well. Turn long sleeve shirts into short sleeve shirts if they still fit everywhere else, or add a collared dress shirt (pick one up at a yard sale or second hand shop for under $1!). Simply stitch around the hem, collar and arms (requires only BASIC sewing skills) Save money and make a new (stylish) piece of clothing! Pull apart clothing you cannot get more life from and turn it into new things, old cords and jeans can become cute skirts and bags.

You do not have to be a sewing master to create something from your children’s clothing. Grab some pinking shears, iron on webbing, no sew glue and some fun fabric scraps. Oh, and send me pictures!


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One Response to Making Clothing Outlast Your Kids Part III

  1. Kelsey says:

    That is so cute! Im going to have to try some of these ideas!

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