Pizza Night

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The Polka Dot Household is constantly on the search for a great Gluten Free pizza crust. Cost is a BIG factor as is ease of preparation. If I want to spend an hour making pizza dough… I will make it from scratch and know its TASTY.

Enter Ian’s Wheat Free/Gluten Free Pizza Kit. This large canister is a bit misleading… I was under the impression it would make four pizza crusts, so the $5.00 price appeared reasonable. In actuality, it made one large pizza crust (or four servings of pizza).


The kit includes the flour mixture, yeast packet, seasoning and sauce. We added cheese, ground beef and sliced mushrooms.


Because the crust is made from rice flour, it is VERY white. Preparing the dough is a STICKY process. I added some sorghum flour while smoothing the dough out to limit sticking to my hands.

The end result was quite good. The texture was chewy, different than a regular gluten containing crust… but definitely tasty. Preparation took about 50 minutes (including rise time), for that I can prepare my own quick pizza crust.

This kit is great for those who are new to GF diets, or who haven’t yet developed their own feel for baking. The flavors are simple, I am beginning to enjoy the more complex flavors obtained from combining several flours. K3 is very happy with these simple ingredient foods. That makes sense, as Ian’s is marketed toward children.  During the beginning months of our gluten free lifestyle, K3 has enjoyed several foods by Ian’s.  Now that I am about to embark on the diet as well, we are developing some more “grown up” and yet kid friendly menu items.  I will continue to keep a small box of chicken nuggets or fish sticks in the freezer for those quick meals.

For smaller families, prepared foods such as Ian’s are a great way to eat natural, gluten free foods.  With a family of seven, its not cost effective to feed everyone with these products.

Be sure to reuse your pizza kit canister. 🙂

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2 Responses to Pizza Night

  1. Well, it had to be better than the spinach pizza.

  2. Sunny says:

    I have a great, from scratch recipe that I like. It’s out of the Joy of Cooking. I’ve used it as a focaccia too. I usually don’t like it when people post their blog but I have the recipe there, so please forgive me.

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