Enjoying My Last Days of Gluten

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My diet over the last few weeks has been over-loaded with gluten foods. Yes, I feel like crap. But they taste so good. 🙂 I’ve done this intentionally. I wanted to pay attention to foods and effects more closely and I wanted to ensure my body had plenty of gluten in it to be flaring for my endoscopy on Tuesday morning.

I’m officially off gluten at 7PM Monday night. My bloodwork was probable for Celiac. That should be enough for me. For some reason, in this quest for knowledge, for an answer, for a reason… it’s not. My primary sent me to a GI specialist, who took a history and reviewed my tests before proclaiming that a biopsy was called for. I already knew that would be the outcome of the visit. So, I’ve had four weeks to load my body with the poison.

I used to blame the milk in my cereal for hurting my belly. Now, I realize that I can have ice cream or even drink a glass of chocolate milk with no problem (or only minor distress if I really gorge). However, when I pour a bowl of my favorite cereals such as Golden Grahams or Life… my belly goes wonks. It hurts. For the sake of your mental health, I won’t go into the gruesome details… let’s just say I’ve spent more time in the bathroom this past month than I usually do.

My biopsy is scheduled for 7am Tuesday morning. I cannot eat for 12 hours prior, so dinner Monday will be my last nibble of gluten for at least a few weeks. There is a chance that my Doctor will see the damage to my intestines before he even sends the biopsy off. If that’s the case, I will have my answer Tuesday. If he cannot see any visible damage, we will have to wait for biopsy results. I expect them to be positive, if they aren’t… how I feel on the GF diet while waiting for the results will determine how I go forward.

Here is a breakdown of all my possible Celiac related symptoms that I have experienced during my lifetime-

GI – FREQUENT ( And most severe/noticeable issue previously referred to as IBS)

Infertility – undiagnosed possibly related to PCOS which is linked to pre-Diabetes which is linked to Celiac



Failure to Thrive (in childhood, checked for need for growth hormones)

Short Stature (5ft 1/2in while rest of family is at least 5ft 4in)

Joint Pain (Growing Pains)

Mouth sores (similar to canker sores)

Irritability (boats of depression and anxiety)

Why oh Why can’t I have the weight loss? 🙂

Now I find myself looking for Celiac everywhere… it is highly undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. The symptoms are there, something we often learn to live with even when it really messes with our life. I have been really sick this year. I try to go on as normal as possible. I have five kids to take care of… until February I also had a full time job. There was a period of time while working that I would be incredible sick, usually in the morning hours. I blamed it on my coffee. I started paying attention and noted that the creamer I loaded into the coffee was dairy and lactose free, but I did enjoy a giant bagel with it. Is it any wonder than an hour or so later I’d be running for the restroom? I am tired. So tired. I wake up feeling like I haven’t slept, even when I’ve spent 8 hours or more in bed.

Right now, I’m hoping for an answer. Even if that means a major dietary change. At first, I started thinking about all the foods I would miss… and how HARD a GF diet would be. I was being dramatic. It’s really not going to be that hard. I will simply replace my cereal with Rice Chex and GF Oatmeal, which are my favorites anyway, I will order my Dungeon Burger on a bed of lettuce and enjoy lots of stir fry. Yes, I will miss the occasional Krispy Kreme (very occasional mind you), more so, I will miss bagels and english muffins. I will miss my favorite lunch… a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Those are small sacrifices to make. My daughter doesn’t miss these treats so much, because she enjoys them with GF bread and enjoy life bagels… somehow, I can’t convince myself to enjoy these GF items. I would rather just give it up. At least for now. I’m on a mission to improve my health, this seems like a small price to pay.

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3 Responses to Enjoying My Last Days of Gluten

  1. David Brown says:

    I read your blog and I must say that it is nice to read this information from another person who is experiencing this at the same time. I am the dad of a daughter who was very recently diagnosed with Celiac. I mean last week. She has been in gastro/stomach distress for over a year now and not one doctor thought of this Celiac issue. Her poop, her pain, her disress brought her to the hospital many times and they all has the same opinion which was another diagnosis entirely. Finally, our gastro doctor’s partner picked it up. She went on a gluten free diet 2 weekends ago and she was a new person…my old daughter was back, full of life, no pain and eager to accept the challenges like her old self. The transformation was incredible. she went back on gluten to have a biopsy and she was right back in the pain saddle again. She got the official diagnosis and she went gluten free and has been pain free once again. We had a celebratory dinner in P.F.Changs tonight which was delicious for all of us including the gluten free dessert. The manager was more than cooperative and eager to assist us as was the waitress. I can only hope that our collective search for a gluten free lifestyle moves as easily as this week has been. We know the challenges will be there, but the choices are there as well. My wife, my son and myself will be tested in the following weeks. Whatever the outcome the support of family and friends is the most important thing followed by our raising the awareness of the disease to the rest of the population. I wish you well and good luck! Thanks for making me aware of your diagnosis!

  2. There doesn’t seem to be anything her to say “good luck” to…

    But I hope you find out the cause (and solution) to what is ailing you.

  3. Don’t worry, a gluten free life is a wonderful one! The community can help.

    You CAN eat all sorts of tasty treats if the biopsy comes back. Everyone goes through it. Keep in touch eileen@eileensimpson.com Learning to cook takes some time, but we have wonderful food. I travel, but with a lot of preparation ahead of time.

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