Things We Love- More Snack Foods

The Polka Dot Household probably needs to get away from the idea of snacks. I’m perfectly happy giving the kiddos fresh fruit, veggies and crackers at snack time. So why, I ask do we continue to purchase all these yummy snacks? Well, because they are yummy.


Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit
– 1 serving of fruit in a licorice like rope. The kids love this. It makes them think they are having candy, but its all natural fruit. Ingredients: Organic Apple Puree, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Flavors, Pectin, Colored with Fruit and Vegetable Juice. (Vitamins and Minerals are also added.) 70 calories and no fat in each twirl. Two thumbs up from the kids. (About .50 each at the local grocer.)


More flavors of LaraBar

Chocolate Coconut Chew. This is packed full of healthy dates, coconut, almonds, walnuts and unsweetened chocolate. This raw combination is tasty and nutritious. According to the LaraBar website, “You’ll swear you’re eating a brownie!”. I have to agree. This flavor combination obtains the Polka Dot seal of Yummy-licious! (This flavor is found in the 18 combo pack at Costco, which averages .97 per bar vs. $1.59 at the store.)

Key Lime Pie. Here you will find unsweetened coconut, Lime Juice, Dates, Almonds and Cashews. They join together in a raw flavor melody that will convince your tongue to dance at the tartness and delight in the joy of a good for you treat. This flavor also gets the Polka Dot seal of Yummy-licious!


Ener-G Wheat Free Pretzels
– Crunchy with just enough salt to be like the real thing. At $1.89 for a 7 ounce bag, this is a popular snack in our house. K3 usually enjoys 7 or 8 pretzels at snack time with a few organic baby carrots or some peanut butter to dip them in.


Just Fruit Bar (40 gram bar)- Two servings of fruit in each bar. All natural ingredients: fruit puree, fruit concentrate. These bars have 140 calories, no fat and 7 grams of fiber. A great alternative if you can’t get fresh fruit into your kiddos. Also perfect for afternoon snacks at school or for camping and hiking. About $1.00 each at the local grocer. The website carries 16 – 40 gram bars for $15.84 or 30- 25 gram bars for $18.00.


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4 Responses to Things We Love- More Snack Foods

  1. Tenille says:

    The prezels are a favorite in our house too, though I can’t get my kids to eat Larabars, don’t know why!

  2. We have a fruit tray that we go through every two/three days. It is huge and we keep it in the refrigerator.

    My wife keeps grapes, various melons, pineapple and strawberries in it. It is getting pricey, but it turns out to be about $8-10 for two days and they are eating good stuff. we actually have to curb it a little…may daughter has an “issue” if she has too much fruit.

  3. Fresh fruit does get pricey as well! We always have several varieties in the fridge, washed and ready to eat… but man, they will eat their weight in fruit each day! We also keep organic baby carrots, sliced cucumber and broccoli on hand. With meals, the kids always get fresh fruit and veggies in addition to their main dish. If they want more food, I push the fruits and veggies. The “issue” with too much fruit isn’t uncommon. It’s all that fiber. 🙂

    I was surprised my K3 likes LaraBars… they have been her favorite of all the snack bars we have tried. Yay!

  4. Kelsey says:

    We have those pretzels too! I love them!!

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