Little Bits

A million things to blog about… limited time to post and the overwhelming fear of OVER POSTING and therefore, not giving You (my much loved and well appreciated readers) a chance to read, what to do?

I’m taking my cue from Mr. MTAE over at N*ked on the Roof and giving you snippets of all the ultra-exciting occurrences in the Polka Dot Household. Fasten your seat belts, the roller coaster is about to depart.


My 3 year old attempted this feat at a Fourth of July Picnic in our friends’ backyard. This photo is of a 2nd grader, as I was too busy running to catch Little Critter to stop for photos. The picnic was TONS of fun, with 10 families in attendance and a ZILLION kids (the norm around here is 4 kids per family and several also have foster kids). We (meaning THE KIDS) enjoyed swimming, playing on the water slide, trampoline and swing set in addition to the rope swing seen here. The adults enjoyed a rowdy set of Volleyball games, good food and playing pyro with the firework display.


Saturday found us at UofO for Day 7 of the Olympic Trials. We received four tickets ($47 each) for free through Oregon Dad’s work. The K-Man and K2 came with as TeenGirl was visiting our Mum and the two younger kiddos stayed with Auntie for the day. I wasn’t overly THRILLED with the trials at first. The High Jump was a final and was exciting to watch. The crowd really got into it and Jesse Williams was full of energy. The best part of the day was the last event, The Steeplechase FINAL. Avid sports followers already know that Famiglietti led the event THE ENTIRE TIME. By lap four, the energy in the stands was astounding. By lap seven, we were all on our feet to cheer him on (Even though he is an adidas guy, Oregon Dad and I were also on our feet.) What a great finish to a fun day! We took the kids over to the Nike Kids Event area where we got to talk with Oregon Dad’s Boss as she handed out Pegasus shoes for the kids to try on and practice in. K-Man and K2 both received Nike string bags and balls. A little sun burn later the crew packed it in for the hour and half drive home.


Before leaving Eugene, we stopped at the UofO Bookstore to look around. A corner section of the store is reserved for snacks and beverages. Being in Eugene, I wasn’t surprised to find a bottle of Strawberry Lemonade by Genesis Organic Juice. I only purchased one to bring home and try out. It is all natural and sweetened with Agave, so its great for those who can’t have sugar. Talk about YUMMY. I can’t tell you how much the bottle was because Oregon Dad paid and I didn’t look. 🙂


We added a new member to the family, meet ATHENA the cat. She is a short hair Tortie adopted from the animal shelter. Athena joins Peanut as the Polka Dot Families only animals now that Dakota has passed on and the St. Bernard Pup hasn’t yet arrived (fingers crossed for August/September). K-Man was too busy helping Oregon Dad Mole Hunt in our front yard to be included in the photo opportunity. Boys. 🙂 Have I mentioned that Oregon Dad is a self-proclaimed CAT HATER? Um, yeah. And yet he keeps picking them out at the shelter. SUCKER.

Today’s Green Tip- Save your bath/wash water for your plants. They are super thirsty in the summer heat and don’t mind water from the kids bath or from dishes. Just scoop it into a pitcher and pour. 🙂



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Wife to a teacher extraordinaire... Mama to Five littles... Conservative Catholic Christian with a Strong Environmentalist Mentality... Respecting Life... Living for our Savior... Learning to trust God in all things.
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5 Responses to Little Bits

  1. Going to a track meet might not be the most exciting thing…unless you know someone or it is a college event. I watched a bit of them on TV each night and it was enjoyable. Everyone there really seemed to pull for their people.

    The only times I have been to one is when I was actually participating. The steeplechase seems like someone could really get killed.

  2. “Going to a track meet might not be the most exciting thing…”

    Ummmmm. We are talking OLYMPIC TRIALS. No ordinary track meet. 🙂 We were cheering for our entire USA Olympic Team (Hopefully made up mostly of NIKE Athletes). The kids had tons of questions, “Why are they doing that? What is that ball they are throwing? Why is she yelling?” etc… I was amazed at body types in the different events, but that’s a whole separate post.


  3. Kelsey says:

    Wow going to that meet must have been interesting! Neat!!

  4. Meg says:

    Yay! How fun! You didn’t try out the tree swing????
    Cute cat- cuter kids! Ok, I’m not a cat person either. I like them as long as they are somebody else’s. I love all God’s creatures great and small- just don’t want a cat.

  5. No tree swing for me… I probably would have broken it, given my recent weight gain and all! 😉

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