Take Me Out To The Ball Game…


Take me out with the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jack

I don’t care if I never get back, Let me root, root, root for the home team

If they don’t win its a shame

For its one, two, three strikes, you’re out

At the old ball game!

Saturday night found the family at PGE Park enjoying a Triple A game between the Portland Beavers and Colorado Springs Sky Sox. This wasn’t any ordinary ball game. Oregon Dad works for a HUGE and Wonderful company. If you recall, he is a “Developer of Shoes for Little Feet”. After being so close to his employment, I can attest that I have never seen a “job” as phenomenal. Oregon Dad and I have discussed many times how he can not see himself ever leaving this company for another.

Anyway, back to the story. Because of this AMAZING company that Oregon Dad works for, we were able to attend the ball game complete with a reserved area where we have tables and chairs right on the ball field, food and beverage (including beer for those who chose to partake, which was the majority!) and we also had regular seating in the lower section of the stadium.

We had decided to take the Max Light Rail into downtown for the game, instead of driving all the way and attempting to find parking. Cost of 4 all day light rail passes- $17. We opted for the all day passes vs. obtaining one each direction because we thought it saved money. Now that I am reviewing the fares again, I realize it would have been only $2.80 per child (vs. 4.25 for all day pass) for 2 -2 hour tickets and it would have been $4.10 per adult for the same. K3 was free because she is just 6. We left Little Critter at home with TeenGirl because there was no way she would have held up until 11:30PM when we returned home.

The kids were VERY excited about riding the Max. I don’t know that they will ever get bored of it… even though it was almost an hour on the train each direction. The kids LOVE going through the tunnels that take us below the Oregon Zoo. During the ride over, the AC vent we were sitting under decided to start leaking water. The kids thought this was a hoot and kept trying to put their hands in it. Oregon Dad hopped around trying to avoid the flow and I continued to sit by the window with my feet up, reading a book. 🙂

Once we arrived at our stop downtown, we simply walked across the street to enter the park. It was our lucky day, as we entered, we were given Beavers baseball hats, sponsored by Joes. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Everyone was STARVING, so we headed directly to the reserved area. We all wore green wristbands that indicated our ability to be included in this “exclusive” section. Once inside, we marked a table and headed for the buffet line. K3 was able to eat here with no problems, I was concerned about food for her before we left home and Oregon Dad assured me she would be fine. Turns out that she was able to eat the hamburger patties and chicken breasts in addition to Lay’s plain chips and enjoyed a Sprite. I had taken a snack bar and fruit leather as well, just in case. After about an hour of chillin in the reserved section, the kids wanted to go find their seats. I would have been happy hanging where we were to watch the game, that way the kids could have gone right up to the net and been literally next to the players. Anyway, we found our seats among many empties, because many of Oregon Dad’s co-workers had opted to stay in the eating area.

I was tempted to whip out my book and read while we lounged in our seats. The only thing stopping me was fear of looking rude. 🙂 I did, however, flip through a local Real Estate guide, as properties are a big interest of mine. K3 thought the real estate guide was exceptionally entertaining as well.


Our K-Man was very excited when he saw the Beavers “K-Man” coming to bat. We had no clue that this person existed until reading it on the giant screen at the end of the ball field. Doug Bernier #21, “K-Man”, Avg .239 HR 6 RBI 21. Everytime Mr. Bernier was up to bat, K-Man would scream, “Woot K-Man!”.

At another point in the game, the kids realized that a Sky Sox player was lacking his picture on the big screen. Oregon Dad thought that maybe none of the Sky Sox pictures were up, the kids promptly advised him of the error. After pondering for a few minutes as to WHY Jonathan Herera #13 was without a picture, K-Man pipes up with, “Yep, he was probably absent on picture day.” We had just gotten our Little League pictures and the kids who were absent were noted as not pictured on the bottom of the team photo.

There are times in every game when “prizes” are flung at the crowd. During this game, it happened to be white t-shirts sent into the crowd via a giant sling shot operated by three people. K3 proclaimed, “I want a Ball, Daddy I want a Ball, Mommy I want a ball…” Even after I told her those were t-shirts and not balls, she persisted. I looked at Oregon Dad and said, “Your Daughter wants a ball!” Translation- get your keister down to the fence and ask the players for a ball. Evidently he didn’t get the point.

This entire evening, complete with admission, food, beer, soda and bottled water was free through Oregon Dad’s work. It was HOT. Upon our arrival (6pm) the thermostat was still at 98 degrees. When the Comcast clock proclaimed 9:26, it was still 87 degrees out. I was moping sweat from my face with napkins and trying to not complain. We had threatened the kids prior to leaving the house, saying that WE KNOW IT’S HOT and WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT 20 TIMES. Needless to say, once we were in our seats and no longer in the free food and beverage area, thirst over took everyone. So, I grabbed a peanut hawker as he meandered by. $14.25 later we had three beverages to share.

The final score was 7 to 2. Yay Beavers!

As I started thinking about HOW expensive the drinks and Max ride were, I re-evaluted. Two adults and three children attended a ball game where seats are normally $15 each, savings of $75. We all ate for free saving another $40 and Oregon Dad enjoyed two free beers, saving another $10. If we had paid for the entire evening, our total would have been at least $125 (not including gas and parking or the free baseball hats we received). In actuality we spent $31.25 including transportation. How’s that for a great ball game?

I took the pictures with my Blackberry which no longer zooms as it has been dropped too many times. We managed to leave our good camera sitting on the counter at home.


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One Response to Take Me Out To The Ball Game…

  1. $30 for an evening of fun for the family is very good, especially when you consider the size of your brood.

    My kids love going (so do I) and being the part of an event like this. It must feel nice to be treated to the VIP picnic section too.

    I love that he thought the player was just absent for picture day…it is a very logical explanation. These players move around so much it is hard for the teams to even track them.

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