Gluten Free Snack Drawer


K3 has her own drawer in our house… its a place to find snacks that are safe for her to eat. Inside, you will find Glee Gum, Stretch Island Fruit Leathers, EnviroKidz Organic Krispy Bars, Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Bars, Ener-G Wheat Free Pretzels, and at various times other snack bars and dark chocolate candy bars we are trying out.

On our recent trip to Costco, I discovered three varieties of gluten free snack/energy bars. The LARABAR, Bora Bora Organics and Trio. We decided to bring a box of the Trio bars home as they were the lowest price per bar (about .80).


The Trio bars get an A rating from Mommy. K3 liked the first few bites and then decided she didn’t love them after all. I think its the crunch factor for her as she seems to be avoiding crunchy/crispy foods lately.


We’ve tried a couple varieties of Nectar Bars ($1.59 at Fred Meyer Nutrition Center). The first one was a Dark Chocolate/Coconut/Nut one and K3 didn’t like it at all. LC, however gobbled it up. Mommy thought it was OK. Last night, I purchased a Pomegranate/Cherry one. Thumbs up from everyone.


Weil Banana Manna ($1.59 at Fred Meyer Nutrition Center) gets a double thumbs up from everyone, the texture is soft which is great for the kids. Warning on these varieties, while the snack bars do not contain wheat/gluten/dairy ingredients… the factory does process other products containing no-no ingredients. So, if you are new to the GF diet or have ZERO tolerance for any amounts of gluten, these are probably not the snack bars for you.


LARABAR’s are certified GF and come in several yummy-licious flavors. Costco carries an 18 pack of these bars. The individual bar price break down was about .97 vs. $1.29-$1.59 at the grocer. They have a softer texture, but do contain nuts. These bars get TWO THUMBS up in our house. (So far K3 and I have sampled the Cashew Cookie and Lemon, both have been declared SCRUMPTIOUS!) K3 has officially requested that Mummy “ALWAYS buy this kind”. (It seems that the LARABAR BLOG approves of my word, YUMMY-LICIOUS.)

K3’s favorite has always been Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco Bars ($3.59 for 5 at Fred Meyer Nutrition Center). She doesn’t care for the berry flavor. I would love to see different flavors (I was thinking peanut butter, then thought… duh! They avoid the 8 common allergens which includes peanuts). She LOVED the EnviroKidz Organic Krispy Bars (3.99 for 6 at Fred Meyer Nutrition Center) for quite some time, but lately has been avoiding those as well. Not sure if this new avoidance of crunchy foods is related to losing teeth… but it corresponded with her front two teeth coming out.

I wasn’t able to locate any of the Bora Bora Organic bars to try, so we may have to break down and purchase a whole box at some point. They look VERY nutty/crunchy, so probably won’t be a favorite for K3, however Mommy likes the crunch, so perhaps those will be for Mama. 🙂

The Ener-G Pretzels (not the circle shape, the actual pretzel shaped ones) are a stand-by and favorite in our house. Everyone agrees they are darn tasty. Too bad I can only get the small bag ($1.89 at Fred Meyer Nutrition Center). Another constant for us are the Stretch Island Fruit Leathers, which we purchase in a box of 48 at Costco for under $11.

Glee Gum can be found at local stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and is also available online. It is about .99 per pack. The gum resembles Chiclets. K3 has tried the mint and tangerine flavors. She gives them both two thumbs up! I think we will start ordering them online by the case (12 packs of 18 pieces) for $10.

I’m off to make donuts. Stay tuned. Photos will be posted soon!


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7 Responses to Gluten Free Snack Drawer

  1. My kids could adapt to snack like this, it is my wife who couldn’t bear it. I have really cut out all snacking from my diet. I do not adapt to changes very well, I am not sure, depsite my “issues” that this would help me much.

    What about the costs of these gluten-free snacks…are they at a comparable price? I know they must not be, but I have to ask.

  2. Without a doubt they are more expensive, so only our GF peeps get to eat them. 🙂 They are comparable in price to any energy bars if you buy those anyway for work-outs, etc… In addition to the GF snack bars, we purchased a box of Nature Valley for the other kiddos (misleading name, not really “natural” at all). Those bars are .22 each compared to the Trio’s at .80 each. The fruit leathers (.20 vs .33-.50 at the grocery) are less expensive than any other fruit snack option at the regular stores and similar in price to others at Costco, the big difference here is that the fruit leathers are REAL fruit and not just sugary snacks.

    I don’t snack much… but the kids eat five times a day (esp. the little one who has low blood sugar). Oregon Dad doesn’t really snack either, except energy bars after a workout, but we do try to pack his lunches and these are always a nice addition!

  3. Meg says:

    Looksgood- I just don’t know. I think I already have a feeling I won’t like it, so when I try it, pfft, it’s too late. It’s a texture thing- totally a texture thing-for me, for sure. Out of all of them, what would you suggest I try?

  4. K3 ABSOLUTELY LOVES the LaraBars… I wasn’t sure she would like it because it was Cashew Cookie (made with dates and cashews). She ate it all up, then said “Mom, can you ALWAYS buy me this kind.” So I would say try a LaraBar in the flavor that tickles your fancy. They have Cherry Pie, Chocolate Coconut, Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll… and so many more! Yummy-licous.

    Better go get yourself one now… don’t they sound TASTY?

  5. Meg says:

    They do sound TASTY! Thanks, I have a feeling that if K3 likes it, so will I….
    Except coconut, can’t do coconut. That is one creepy texture! But a pina colada is an ENTIRELY different story…those I can do!

  6. Nu2GlutenFree says:

    I am in my 3rd week of going gluten free (DH) and find the Larabars are fantastic. They were recommended by the dietician and I must say are a home run. I like how the dates and nut flour bind the bar so it you really can’t tell there isn’t bad stuff in it. I’ll be buying them by the case at Costco. Thanks!

  7. Mike says:

    I don’t think Costco has them anymore!

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