Gluten Free Pancakes, Spring Rolls and Pizza


Finally… some of the recipes I have been promising.

First up… Gluten Free Dairy Free AMAZING Pancakes.

(I modified this from Alton Browns Instant Pancake Mix Recipe)

Place DRY ingredients in a large (gallon sized) zip top baggie
2 cups sorghum Flour
2 cups millet Flour
1 cup sweet white rice flour
1 cup brown rice flour
1 + 1/4 tsp xanthan gum
3 tsp baking powder
1 + 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 T Kosher Salt
2 T sugar

Seal zip top and shake to mix all dry ingredients together.

For each cup of DRY mix- (about 6-7 pancakes using a 1/3c. scoop)

8oz (1 cup) of Coconut Milk
1 egg separated
2 Tbs. Earth Balance Margarine-Melted

Preheat your griddle. For a stove top one like mine, I use medium heat (5) and allow pan to fully preheat first. This is important for the golden brown finish. (If using an electric griddle, 350F should do the trick.) Just before adding batter to griddle, lightly butter griddle and wipe off with a paper towel. You don’t want to be able to see any butter on the griddle.

Mix the egg white(s) with the Coconut milk… whisk well.
Mix the egg yolk with the melted margarine… whisk well.
Whisk the milk and butter mixtures together.
Pour the liquid on top of the dry ingredients.
Mix gently about 10 seconds… everything should be wet, but still lumpy.

Using a 1/3 cup measuring cup, spoon batter onto griddle. On a small griddle like mine, 2 pancakes work well, 3 was a little crowded for easy turning.

If you want to add fruit (frozen is best) or Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips, drop a few over the top of each pancakes on the griddle. We really like our favorite add ins… chocolate chips and dried cranberries.

Allow to cook for a couple minutes, watch for bubbles to set. The GF mix doesn’t bubble as much as the regular AP flour one does.

Flip and allow the other side to cook through. These pancakes are pretty thick, you can make them thinner by adding more Coconut Milk to the batter. The sorghum flour adds a wonderful flavor!

Top with Earth Balance Margarine and warmed, REAL Maple Syrup. Heaven on a plate

(Store that left over dry mix in the fridge for future, quick pancakes!… we always make extras and freeze them for a quick reheat on school mornings.)


Next up, Gluten Free Pizza

Mmmmmm. Good.

1 Pkg. instant yeast
1 cup sweet rice flour
1 cup brown rice flour
1/2 c. sorghum flour
2 T oil of choice (I used canola) (plus a little extra for browning crust)
1 C. WARM (not hot) water (105-115 F)
1 tsp. regular cane sugar

Prepare yeast- in a large glass or plastic bowl, add yeast and sugar to warm water. Still gently with a wooden or plastic utensil (I use a wooden chopstick) Allow to set for several minutes (about 10 minutes) so the yeast “blooms”.

Add flours, oil and salt. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Once fully combined, it should be a nice ball shape. Allow to sit in bowl for about 5 minutes.

Place dough onto surface dusted with rice flour or cornstarch. Work it into a round. I find this works easiest by picking the dough up and allowing it to hang from my hand, then turning and repeating until I have a nice, semi-round shape of desired thickness. This made a crust approx. 12 inches in diameter.

Place dough onto stoneware (or other pizza pan).

Top with desired toppings, we used sauce, ground meat and cheese because that’s what I had on hand. Sprinkle top with herb mix if available. Brush edges not covered by toppings with a little bit of oil for browning.

Bake at 450F for about 15 minutes (our second pizza took less time than the first, so keep a close eye on it!)


Oh la la… GF Spring Rolls

I don’t believe I ever shared my un-holy experience with spring roll wrappers made from scratch. Um yeah… hours of slave labor over a hot stove, rolling batter around in a six inch skillet and laying wrappers all over every available surface in my kitchen. Bleh.

I found a better way… Whole Foods carries Asian wrappers made with tapioca flour. There is nothing in English on the package except the ingredients… so I had to wing it! Each package has enough for 2 meals for our family of 7. At $1.99 that’s a deal.

To make them soft… I boiled water in a shallow, glass pie pan. Then I dipped the wrappers individually for a few seconds on each side… laid them on my preparation plate and added ingredients. The steamed rice really finished up the softening job and made the wrappers stick together nicely when rolled. To get everything rolled up inside, I brought in the bottom, a side, then the top and finally the last side… pressed it together for a second to seal and placed them on a serving dish in the oven at 200F to stay warm.

I stuffed them with:
steamed white rice (prepared perfectly in the rice cooker)
grilled (previously frozen) shrimp
grilled, chopped, chicken pieces (boneless, frozen thighs)
grilled asparagus spears, sliced thin
shredded carrots
grilled button mushrooms (I used a can this round, tossed on the griddle for a few minutes and Voila!)

For toppings I made a sweet and sour sauce (from a pack that didn’t contain gluten) and we also used wheat free Tamari.

Everyone loved these! It’s great when you can pick your dinner up and eat it with your hands! What a treat for the kids. Oregon Dad took them to work for lunch the next day as well.


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  3. Candice says:

    Thanks for the GF pancake recipe. I made a batch this morning & they were great! I substituted buttermilk for coconut, as we do limited dairy, and canola oil for margarine. They had a wonderful flavor!

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