Stupid at the Library, Restaurant Openings and Through The Eyes of a Six Year Old

Today started out pretty much the same as any other day. I made pancakes from scratch (yum yum yum). There is a little bit of Heaven in hot from the griddle pancakes smeared with butter and drizzled with REAL Maple Syrup. Mmmmm. I’ll get the recipe up in the next couple of days.

Then K-Man had a baseball game, the sun was shining and it hit 70 degrees here today. Bonus! I dropped everyone off at the ball field, then K3 and I ran a couple of errands… gassing up the truck with Flex Fuel E-85, stopping by the natural section of Fred Meyer to get K3 a dark chocolate candy bar so she can have a treat when everyone else does. After that we ran to the library as I was in dire need of some *light* (by light I mean, Smutty Historical Novel) reading. My brain has been overwhelmed with all the serious reading I’ve been doing (No I haven’t forgotten my reading list… patience!).

So, K3 and I are in the library. I’m toting two novels by Nora Roberts. Not sure they are historical, but they should be plenty smutty. We venture into the kids section and I put K3 on a mission… find a book for self and one for each of your sisters and brother. I hit the search on the computer for a book I’m planning to buy and would love to preview if its in… GREEN CHIC.

The book isn’t cataloged at this library, but is at several others in the county. I wander over to the nice librarian (in the children’s section mind you) and ask if she can put a hold/transfer on a book for me. Of course she is glad to help.

I hand over my library card and the title of the book GREEN CHICK. After a couple minutes, I look at her screen and say C. H. I. C. not C.H.I.C.K. She says, “Oh, you mean GREEN CHIC (Sheek).”  Huh… guess I can go take my English Major and flush it down the toilet.

Okay, here is my thought process behind thinking it was GREEN CHICK (Spelled CHIC) and not CHIC pronounced SHEEK.

Around here, we use the word CHIC or CHICA a lot for well… CHICS… GIRLS… So, when I read the title “Green Chic” I’m thinking, yeah… cool, green and CHIC (Chick)… to me CHIC (Sheek) expresses class, I found this book more modern, hip and funny instead of yuppy and classy… so, to me it should be GREEN CHICK. (I’m not knocking… I’m GREEN, PSEUDO HIPPY, CLASSY, YUPPY and CHIC (both CHIC AND SHEEK… Thank you very much!).

Taken down by the children’s librarian… sigh.

Arriving back at the ball field, I turn the giant, gas guzzling, monster of a truck, around so that I can park. I did a three point turn on a quiet, suburban street. Our truck faced a house and its GREEN GREEN GREEN lawn… where a sprinkler is running. K3 pipes up from her booster in the middle of the backseat, “Mom, why is there a sprinkler going and no one is playing in it?” Good question K3! I explained that the people who lived there were watering their grass. “Why are they watering the grass?” Another great question. Before long, she will also wonder why they would be watering the grass at two in the afternoon and therefore allowing a large amount of that water to EVAPORATE. I momentarily thought about parking right there and taking K3 up to the door to ask her questions of the owner. I restrained.

To round out the evening, two girlfriends and I went to a pre-opening at a California Pizza Kitchen. I’ve never been to one of these restaurants before… but hey, we are on “THE LIST” and everything is on the house. I’m in.

The staff was over-eager and NERVOUS. That’s expected when a restaurant is just opening with a lot of unseasoned staff. Our waiter was a kid of 19, his name tag claims the home state of Alaska. Welcome to Oregon and your new job at the California Pizza Kitchen. (Is it just me, or is that a bit odd? Shouldn’t it be Oregon Pizza Kitchen?)

It was a fun time, we ordered three entrees to share;  Blue Crab Cakes with a Lemon Caper Pasta and Asparagus, Garlic Chicken Pizza and a Seafood Miso Salad. The pizza was AMAZING. The crab cakes were VERY GOOD… the lemon/caper pasta was not so good and the asparagus was overcooked… sad because its my favorite veggie. The Miso Salad was good, except ours came with chilled chicken instead of seafood.

A and H went on to the bars afterward (were they are drinking themselves into oblivion as I write this). I hauled my over full self home to kick off my high heels. The girls laughed at my early need to retire… I advised that this Mommy would be up at 6am with the kids… Oh, the blissful days gone by of sleeping til noon!

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  1. jenefur says:

    Ooh, the Garlic Chicken is my fave!

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