Summer Reading List

I am frequently asked what I am reading, or more recently, what the kids are reading. Today I put together our proposed summer reading list (KIDS LIST)… All of these books have been previewed and hand selected by yours truly.

Here it is:

It’s Not What You’ve Got! by Wayne W. Dyer with Kristina Tracy- Why we are reading this: Because the focus is that money doesn’t define us. This book takes a spiritual and uplifting approach to money.

Colorful World by Cece Winans, Keith Thomas and Alvie Love III- Why we are reading this: Because 6yo K3 has recently been asking why some people have brown skin… this is a great story (and musical CD) about our beautiful and colorful world.

The Journey of the One and Only Declaration of Independence by Judith St. George- Why we are reading this: Because Mommy LOVES history. This is a colorful and delightful book chronicling an important part of American History.

If The World Were a Village by David Smith- Why we are reading this: This book helps our children realize what life is like outside of America. We struggle with the kids understanding how privileged we are. It also takes the world’s populate of 6.2 billion and puts it in child friendly terms… a village of 100 people (each person represents 62 million!). Our kids take technology for granted… this book shows them that other kids never even get to use a computer. This book is geared to older children (third grade up). But we will be reading it aloud with our younger ones as well.

Martins Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Doreen Rappaport- Why we are reading this: That’s self-evident. 🙂 The author makes this story very kid friendly and age appropriate.

A Child’s Introduction to the Environment by Michael Driscoll and Dennis Driscoll- Why we are reading this: It is a fun and entertaining lesson on our Earth (explores water, land and air) and gives fun activities and ideas kids can do to get involved and help protect the planet. Most age appropriate for third grade and up, we will use it with the younger kids as well, but may need to modify some activities. (By the way… the book is printed on recycled papers.)

The Greening Book by Ellen Sabin- Why we are reading this: It is a wonderful (work) book that encourages kids to appreciate our Earth and what it gives us. The activities help children see ways they can help. I knew we wanted it when I picked it up and the front cover says “The Greening Book by Ellen Sabin and ___________.” What better way to help our children explore and learn about protecting our great Earth than by giving them the power to do it!

I also have art projects planned to teach the kids about Claude Monet (and other artists to come) and outdoor activities planned to learn about trees (leaf etching) among many other things. The kids each will be given a journal, where they can write or draw what they are learning and exploring on each new outing.

My reading list is yet to come… stay posted. 🙂

Today’s Green Tip: Visit the library or used book store and get a book to teach your kids about our great Earth… its never too early.

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